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Adult Dolls
Get the soft touch of a real partner with your anime sex doll that has curves and holes in all the right places. Love dolls have an insatiable appetite and are always willing to try something new! Your new playmate will never be too tired or have a headache when you're in the mood. Flip her over, turn her upside down, or let you take you in her mouth; your love doll is always game to help you make your fantasies come true.
Adult Novelty Store
Are you looking for the perfect novelties to set the naughty tone for a bachelor or bachelorette party? Our adult novelty store can help to provide you with all of the novelties that you need to get your party started off on the right inflatable love doll foot. Like most adult novelty stores, we have a great selection of toys and other accessories that can get your bride-to-be blushing. With our great prices, discreet shipping, and strict privacy policy however, we are the best place to help you get your party rocking!
Adult Novelty
Looking to add a bit of fun and excitement to your life? Adult novelties are good way to be a little bit naughty, a little bit spicy, and perhaps even have more fun than should be allowed! Looking for an adult novelty item can be just as much of an adventure as taking one home will be. Have an open mind and let your imagination run wild while you pick out an item or two that will add a bit of zing to an otherwise boring evening.
Adult Sex Shop
Browse our adult sex shop to increase your passion and your pleasure. Adult sex shops offer more than vibrators to rock your world and dildos to offer toe-curling orgasms; they offer fun and flirty accessories that can improve your romantic love life by getting you in the mood for love. Browse our great selections to find a little something to bring in a bit more romance into your life; remember that great passion and pleasure often follow a great romance- especially when flavored lubes are involved.
Adult Sex Store
Adult sex stores are a fun place to browse for toys, gadgets, and lifestyle accessories that can turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary orgasm-filled experience. Shop our adult sex store to find the perfect vibrator, dildo, BDSM accessory, or even the perfect warming lubricant to help ease you into your evening of fun. Handcuffs, butt plugs, and even an inflatable love doll can make your wildest fantasies a fun-filled reality, so shop to your heart's desire!
Adult Shop
Looking for accessories to help you to up your game in the bedroom? Take things to the next erotic level with fun lifestyle accessories and toys from our adult shop. With a drive to provide outstanding service, our adult shops focus is on the things that bring you pleasure. Whether you are looking for a new collar for your special someone or a new set of kegel balls to help you to strengthen your muscles, our store has what you need.
Adult Store
Are you hosting a bachelorette party soon? Or are you interested in adding a bit of fun and playfulness to your relationship? When was the last time you paid a visit to an adult super store! Our adult store is the perfect place to pick up everything that you need to make a blushing bride blush just that much more or put a twinkle back in your partner's eye when they spy what you picked up.
Adult Toy Store
Adult toy stores are just the place to find vibrators, dildos, strap on accessories, and kit for your BDSM lifestyle; our adult toy store can offer you the highest quality products at fantastic prices. Whether you are looking for a new vibrator to massage away stress or a strapless strap on to make your lady curl her toes, browse our extensive catalog to find what you are looking for. For the guys, the girls, and everyone in between, we have something to meet your needs, fulfill your fantasies, and turn any occasion into an orgasm to remember.
Adult Toy
When was the last time that you added to your adult toy collection? Purchasing new and exciting toys every few months can help to keep things lively between the sheets, even if you've been married for 20 years. Our adult toy shop offers a grand selection of just about every kind of adult sex toy that flirty couples or frisky individuals could want to turn a dreary night into a steamy night. Make every night a fun-filled orgasm fest!
Adult Toys For Men
Are you looking to get fun and flirty, down and dirty? Shopping for adult toys online is a private and discreet method of getting all of the toys and lifestyle accessories that you are looking for to make your most exotic fantasies a reality. Open your adult toy chest and start stuffing it with a selection of rabbit vibrators, anal beads, flavored lubes, and even a realistic dildo or two. With our selection of erotic and exotic adult toys for men and women, you are sure to have no problem stuffing your box with pleasure-giving sex toys.
Adult Toys
Looking for cheap adult toys? Not only do we have the finest in budget-friendly Japanese sex toys but we have a fantastic selection of toys to meet all of your intimate needs. No matter how creative your fantasies are, we will have a toy or two to help you to experience all of your fantasies, in the privacy of your own home. So shop in confidence, knowing that you are bound to be delighted with your purchases!
Adult Vibrators
A selection of adult vibrators may be just what the doctor ordered to relax you and gently massage away stress. As the most popular erotic toy for the ladies, owning a versatile vibrator is practically a requirement of being an adult. Tickle your fancy or just your g-spot with a multi-functional vibrator that can set the mood or make your night. Get in touch with yourself with an egg vibrator that can discreetly bring you to orgasm in no time at all. For a little bit of variety and butt play, experiment with anal vibrators and remember they're not just for her pleasure!
Enhance your sex life with dildos, cock rings, vibrators, and other adult toys for both women and men alike. Adulttoys can make your love life more exotic, more orgasmic, more erotic, and just hotter all around. Experiment with new and exciting adultsextoys to find intense new sensual and sexual pleasure. Break apart from the hum drum and expand your sexual horizons with a gigantic selection of toys that will make all of your secret fantasies a sweat-filled orgasmic experience.
Anal Balls
If you are new to the use of anal beads you will quickly discover that they can take your sex life to a whole new level. There are choices for every level of anal experience from beginners to pros. The anal pump lets you determine the size you prefer for anal stimulation and grows with you as you become used to the sensation. From small to huge anal beads, there is a perfect anal stimulation toy for everyone.
Anal Beads
Anal beads are always a winner for really bringing in a new level of naughtiness to your sex life. They're a perennial favorite among people that have expanded beyond plain ol' sex. Most models are now cast as a single piece instead of being strung like Ben Wa Balls, making them much easier to clean. They come in an assortment of materials, typically in the softer types to minimize discomfort. Not only are they an amazing sensation for the lucky bottom who's using them, but if you're a female wearing them with a male partner, they'll give him incredible stimulation when he's inside of you. Anal beads are definitely one of the must have additions to your sex play, and you can find all you need here.
Anal Dildos
Anal dildos are for the most part like any other dildo, except that they tend to be smaller and slimmer. Just like their larger vaginally oriented cousins, anal dildos can be made of any material; plastic, jelly, wood, metal, glass, silicone and mixtures like CyberSkin. Their shapes also can take on different avenues, geared toward the unique needs of anal stimulation. Whether anal play is a regular part of your sex life or you're just curious about joining the club, anal dildos are an ideal purchase for both the veteran and the timid newcomer. We provide the best anal dildos here, created by the best manufacturers in the business.
Anal Lube
While any lube can be used for anal sex or toy play, anal lube is specifically designed for it. Other lubes may wear out and get sticky too early. Some may actually burn a more sensitive anus. Anal lube is often made with petroleum bases which don't do these things. You should avoid the oil-based lubes if you're using condoms or latex toys; it will destroy them. In either case, it's thicker than general use lube, so there's more lube separating the insertable from the walls of your anus. Remember, too much lube is almost enough. If anal play is a sizeable part of your sex play, you or your partner will appreciate some good quality anal lube as you explore the nether regions. Check out our selection.
Anal Plugs
Anal plugs are an essential sex toy for the anal players. Unlike dildos, they're designed with a narrow tip for squeezing gently into your ass, and have a flanged base to prevent losing it (and an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.) You can find them in several shapes and sizes to go along with your comfort level and still maximize your sensation of fullness. They are also created in nearly every material imaginable, and may come with an assortment of decorations such as tails, door knockers and gemstones. There's a good chance that if you've thought of it, someone has already made a plug just like it. Have a look at our selection of quality anal plugs, and you're bound to find what you're looking for.
Anal Probes
Anal probes aren't just the stuff of sci-fi alien invasions we have them here, too. Where butt plugs are typically short and fat, these are long and skinny. These anal probes are great to break in the beginner, and are also sure to please the more experienced tushy lover. Anal probes are usually made out of the more flexible materials, such as vinyl, rubber and silicone, but there are also a few glass and metal models out there. You can also get them in a vibrating model if you want to add a little something extra to your anal probe play.
Anal Sex Toys
Anal sex toys have stood the test of time. Through all the ups and downs of the sex toy industry, these are the ones that have endured and continue to sell well. Anal sex toys did it right the first time, and didn't need improvements or innovations. They represent the cream of the crop in anal toys and have completely earned their legendary status. They need no introduction, since they represent the most well-known anal toys out there. Browse our selection of classic anal toys and know that what you pick has proven its ability to provide back door pleasure by its longevity.
Anal Strapons
Mention strap-ons and most people think of girl-on-girl scenes in porn videos where the actress wearing the harness plays at being a man. But strap-ons are definitely not just for lesbian porn -- nor is it just about a woman playing at being a man. Many heterosexual couples enjoy anal strap-on play, and some gay male couples do too. With a little sense of adventure, anal strap-ons can add novelty, excitement, playfulness and even deeper intimacy to any couple's sexual play. No matter what style you prefer, harnesses come in ""one size fits most. Some have elastic straps that need no adjustments, while others have straps that are adjustable with either buckles or backpack-style D-rings.
Anal Toy
Shopping for an anal toy? Whether you are new to anal play or experienced in the pleasure it can bring, there are anal sex toy choices to suit every level. From the butt plug to the anal beads to the classic dildo, anal toys are available in so many different version and styles that choosing which one you want to try might take a while. A good selection of anal toys will make sure you have something on hand no matter what you are in the mood for!
Anal Toys
Anal sex toys have stood the test of time. Through all the ups and downs of the sex toy industry, these are the ones that have endured and continue to sell well. Anal sex toys did it right the first time, and didn't need improvements or innovations. They represent the cream of the crop in anal toys and have completely earned their legendary status. They need no introduction, since they represent the most well-known anal toys out there. Browse our selection of classic anal toys and know that what you pick has proven its ability to provide back door pleasure by its longevity.
Ass Dildo
Choosing the right ass dildo is an important decision; too small and you won't get the stimulation you desire- too big and you won't be able to use it except as a paperweight! When selecting a dildo or ass plug, size certainly does matter, but fortunately there are ass toys for every level. From beginners to experts, the range of plug and dildo sizes today will accommodate everyone and ensure plenty of pleasure for all.
Bachelorette Games
They may not be fun for the whole family, but bachelorette games are always a hit for those naughty nights before the wedding day. If you're a maid of honor looking for just the right set up for your friend's last day as a free agent, you don't have to go any further than here to find what you need. Our bachelorette games are the best of the best for party favors and games in the business. These games don't have to be played at home; the best bachelorette party games can be taken anywhere, whether you're hitting the bars or riding in a limo. Find what you like here, and you can be sure that it will be a memorable last night as a single girl.
Bachelorette Supplies
Are you looking for the perfect bachelorette supplies for your best friend's last night as a free woman? Do you want her to really celebrate her last night as a single lady with a bang? Our bachelorette supplies have just what the doctor ordered to create a night that will never be forgotten. Raunchy games and inflatables, funny plates and cups, and everything else you need (except the liquor) is right here. Your best friend deserves the best send off into marriage, and you can bet that you can give her that by shopping here.
Bam Dildo
If you think you can handle a long, thick, enormous ebony cock, you want the Bam dildo. You've seen his movies and you crave his cock. It's a Doc Johnson masterpiece, and truly a wonder of nature. It's molded right from Bam's fully erect cock and massive balls, and is guaranteed to give even the most discerning size queen a pause. Bigger than the rest, this dong is made for some serious hardcore action! This dildo is more than a foot long and 8 1/2 inches around, with 10 inches of insertable length. This is the biggest dildo out there, so be warned: This one is not for the faint of heart!
When most people think of BDSM toys, they immediately think of whips and handcuffs. BDSM is a much more complex sort of play than just whips and chains. Plugs for every orifice imaginable, electrical toys, clamps of various sorts and a whole assortment of other slappers, floggers and binding implements come into play in the world of BDSM. Variety is the spice of life, and nowhere is it more apparent than in BDSM play. For a full assortment of BDSM toys, browse our selection and you're sure to find everything to fill your naughty toy chest.
Best Dildos
If you're looking for the best dildos, look no further. Our wide selection of eye popping carnal delights will have you screaming and creaming for more. If size matters, we have everything from super large porn star inspired to intimate little pleasers. Whether you're looking for something with the look and feel of a real penis or something artistic and glass, we have you covered. Silicon dildos that are hypoallergenic are made for giving you that bad touch in a good way, giving you all the reactions you want and none that you don't. It doesn't matter if you're looking to add to your solo play collection or just adding to the naughty toy box when you want the best dildos, we have exactly what you need.
Best Male Sex Toy
There's no doubt about it, guys are picky! It can be hard for a guy to find the ideal toy that can enhance his experiences and fulfill fantasies. The best male sex toy are toys that can make even the most intimate of fantasies come alive, no matter if they are fantasies shared with a partner or discreetly enjoyed alone. So let your best fantasies come out to play and pick out a toy that you've been curious about. We won't tell!
Best Rabbit Vibrator
It is a very popular toy for those in the know, but which is the best rabbit vibrator? More than a dildo and more than a vibrator, rabbit sex toys bring you the best of both worlds. This bunny has it all, with both vaginal stimulation and clitoral stimulation for the best orgasm you'll experience with a single toy. The best one for you depends on your preferences, but there is a rabbit vibrator that is sure to leave you with a smile.
Best Sex Doll
There's no substitute for the real thing, but the best sex dolls can sure come close. Today's sex dolls are more realistic and stimulating than ever before. Those on the hunt for the best sex doll won't be disappointed with these beauties; they're the perfect partner. Always there when you want them and always ready, with no need for a lot of talk so you can get right to the action- what could be better than that?
Best Sex Toy
For every woman in search of an incredible orgasm, the best sex toy on the market is one that hits just the right spot. Certainly one of the best adult toys on the market today, G spot stimulation toys can bring any woman a pleasure she has never known before. The best G spot vibrator reaches that perfect hidden erogenous zone just right to bring any woman the pleasure she has been seeking without fail every time.
Best Sex Toys For Couples
The best sex toys for couples involve both the man and the woman in the fun. There is no reason for anyone to be left out; couple sex toys designed to bring pleasure to both people at the same time are the best way to spice up a night of fun between the sheets. There are many toys for couples on the market, but the best are those that ensure pleasure for both of you- who says simultaneous orgasms are a myth?
Best Sex Toys
Looking for the best sex toys? Or are you not entirely sure what you're looking for? Browse through and find a toy that inspires you to take your pleasure and playtime to a whole new level. Why do the same things day in and day out? Wholesale sex toys can get you the sensual pleasure that you want without blowing your budget. Pick out a few toys to bring both you and your partner to new heights of fun!
Best Strap On
Ladies, are you looking for a big strapon to drive your girl through the roof with pleasure? For the best strap on fun, be adventurous and try a new position or two. Consider a double strap on if you're looking to double your pleasure and double your fun! Gents, don't be shy, we've got something for everyone. In a range of colors and sizes to please even the most discerning of playmates, we've got the strap on you're looking for.
Best Vibrators
The Best Vibrators is a rather relative term. After all, what if you enjoy something cute, squirmy and petite? Well, there is definitely a selection of those to choose from. However, if you're looking for a wild, wiggly Pocket Rocket or the ever popular Rabbit vibrators, we have everything you need: the best vibrators around, all at prices that will have you coming back for more. Whether you enjoy the control of a hand held, turn it on and go style vibrator or the intense fun of a remote control vibrator, you can have it any way you want it with the best vibrators you'll find.
Big Anal Plugs
Want bed sheet clutching, wild, squirming action in a big anal plug? Anal plugs take carnal fun to the next level in a safe way, featuring a tapered end for insertion and a flared end to prevent mishaps. Choosing a big anal plug is half of the fun and with our assortment of great butt-play accessories you can choose your own adventure and bring the wild times home. Women and men alike have found that using a big butt plug can really enhance the play and bring on much stronger orgasms. Experience pleasure in a new way or have fun exploring further; either way, no matter what the situation, you're sure to bring it to new heights with big anal plugs
Big Butt Plugs
When it comes to anal stimulation, some say "bigger is better". If you feel this way then our selection of big butt plugs will be right up your alley.
Big Dildos
They say that bigger is better, and that definitely applies here. Big dildos are just the thing for those who want to really feel it. If you're looking for super sized pleasure in a wide array of styles, feel, and even color, you have come to the right place. In a multitude of sizes, shapes and options, whatever your pleasure, you are going to find big dildos that give you the stretch and feel you need. From wild double ended fun to sparkling, translucent big dildos, you're only limited by just how much you can take and your own imagination.
Big Sex Toys
Who says size doesn't matter! Most likely it was someone who has never spent time with a fun assortment of big sex toys. Large sex toys can teach them more than a few things about the matters of size and pleasure. Couples, consider spending time together exploring the ins and outs of hefty sized toys that can leave you clutching the sheets and biting the pillows. Don't forget that toys aren't just for couples- spend a bit of time getting to know yourself and working out just how much size matters!
Biggest Dildo
If you're looking for the biggest dildo on the market, prepare to be impressed. With incredible eye popping length and girth, the largest dildo available may even be more than you bargained for. But if you are ready to buy, dildo choices are nearly endless and sure to meet even your biggest expectations. Size queens rejoice, these dildos are seriously impressive. Check the measurements before you buy to be sure you are ready for these big toys!
Black Dildos
Offering a variety of black dildos ensures that shape, size and function options are endless. Whether you're seeking out an artistic obsidian-look glass dildo or double ended black dildos, you have come to the right place. Made for pleasure, whether realistic black dildos or even wild designs for a more kinky time, we offer the finest quality products and biggest assortment of black dildos you'll find. Have a look around and see for yourself if the old saying is true enjoying black dildos is easy. Wait, which saying did you think we were referring to?
Black Strapon
If a big black dildo is what gets you excited, you won't be disappointed by the choices available to you. Any well stocked dildo store can help with the fantasy of something big and black. Whether you are looking for something for a little é─˙me timeé─¨ or a perhaps black strapon to let you share the fun with someone else, there are black dildo options to suit everyone- and to make every fantasy a reality.
Blow Up Doll Sex
A blow up sex doll is a great affordable choice for that perfect partner who never asks you to buy dinner or flowers. A blow up doll sex toy lets you take your fantasies in any direction you choose and allows you to focus on your pleasure. Blow up sex dolls are always ready and willing; they are easy to bring out when you're in the mood, and easy to store when you have other plans.
Blowjob Machines
Blowjob machines have come a long way from the bulb-pump beginnings. Though those options are definitely still out there, new blowjob machine technology makes it much harder to tell the difference between mouth and machine. In a number of innovative designs and textures, the selection of blowjob machines we offer will absolutely blow your cock and mind in ways you didn't think were possible. So, lay back, relax and enjoy getting head whenever you want, as often as you want for as long as you want. Artificial intelligence never felt so good!
Blue Dildo
Great sex toys come in all colors, and whether you simply like the color or prefer something less realistic, a blue dildo can be a lot of fun. A big blue dildo is easy to find in the dark, and you won't be fumbling around trying to find something that matches the sheets. And since a brutaldildo is meant to be something so big as to be impossible to find in nature, there is no reason it shouldn't be blue.
Bondage Accessories
When the night calls for something a little more kinky, great bondage accessories can take it to a whole new level. The bondage belt is a great place to start and offers a lot of different options to keep things interesting. And of course, whether you find it exciting or simply don't want the neighbors to hear you, a bondage gag is the must-have accessory to complete the night's play and make the fantasy just right.
Bondage Clothes
Sexy bondage clothing lets you enjoy all of your fetish fun without the clothes getting in the way. In fact, bondage clothes are designed to help make the fun even more erotic and entertaining for both people involved. When you slip into something this sexy, you will want some kinky toys handy and ready for play, because the temperature will rise fast in these incredible clothes. When you are all dressed up in bondage clothes, you won't want to have any place to go.
Bondage Collars
Bondage collars are a commonplace sight in the BDSM scene and fetish lifestyles. Whether you have fun playing puppy or just enjoy the constriction of leather around your neck (or your partner's), a bondage collar can give you the style, sensation and humiliation you're craving. Animal collars like what you can find in a pet store aren't made for humans and this kind of play. They can leave dye stains or neck abrasions, and may cause the need to do some explaining at work the next day. It's better to stick with collars that are made specifically for slave play, and we have the best selection you're going to come across
Bondage Cuffs
If you're looking to bring a little spice into your boudoir, the naughty world of bondage and BDSM is always a favorite place to go. A collection of BDSM toys isn't complete without at least one set of bondage cuffs. Though many people tend to associate hand cuffs with bondage, there are a lot more options available to suit your needs and desires. Whether you're interested in light play or heavy play, whether you simply want to have your way with them or if you're into scene play, there's a cuff for that here.
Bondage Devices
The right bondage devices can make a night of hot sex just a little bit hotter. Whether you are new to the world of bondage or you really know the é─˙ropesé─¨, there are plenty of bondage restraints to choose from, from light bondage to more serious heavy devices. Not sure where to start? A bondage collar is a great choice for beginners and pros alike since it can be used in many different ways and even worn as an accessory.
Bondage Gear
Want to play a little on the dark side? Are you more into chocolate than vanilla? Or do you just want to play a little more naughtily than usual? Whatever the case may be, bondage is a perennial favorite for couples who want to expand their sex into a more playful expression of their affection. Whether interrogation scenes are your thing or you just want a little bit more kink to your sex play, good bondage gear will provide secure restraint without causing any harm to either partner. We have all the bondage gear you could want for your pleasure.
Bondage Hood
Those who enjoy the kinky pleasures of bondage will find that a bondage hood is an indispensible addition to your bag of tricks. A big part of the fantasy aspect of bondage play, bondage hoods can take your fun to the next level. For those who prefer to start with something a little less hardcore, a bondage mask gives both people much of the same experience with a little less intensity - but all of the fetish.
Bondage Kits
Bondage kits make a great introduction to the naughty world of BDSM, and can be a great way to warm a partner up to the idea of new experiences. However, they're also a great buy for the seasoned pro that wants to flesh out their collection and replace a few worn items. Since there are several combinations of toys in the different bondage kits, you're sure to find the right line up of bondage toys for your nights of kinky pleasure. Shop around and you will find the right collection of bondage toys for your needs, no matter what your experience level may be!
Bondage Pants
Buckles, chains, and zippers oh my! Guys, you will have your friends knotted up with envy when you slip into a pair of black or even tartan bondage pants. Pair your look with your lady kitted out in a stunning bondage corset that shows off just enough to entice. For night that will leave you all tied up with excitement, you simply can't beat bondage outfits. From silk to latex to leather and lace, there is sure to be something that'll get your motor running.
Bondage Ropes
Ready to graduate from the plain old cuffs to bondage ropes? Bondage rope enables you to take restraint to a whole new level, and how far you can go depends on your commitment to the art of erotic knot work. You can start off with simple tying techniques tying your partner's wrists and ankles together or tying them to bedposts. From there, you can expand your play into shibari, the Japanese art of rope bondage. No longer are you simply tying someone to a post, you're turning their bodies into a work of art as you create harnesses, suspend them and manipulate their limbs into beautiful poses. Our selection of bondage ropes are ideal for taking your bondage play to that next level!
Bondage Sex Toys
There will be no need to restrain either yourself or your wallet when it comes to shopping for BDSM equipment. BDSM sex toys can help to heighten your sensual experience to never-before experienced levels! Select from several bondage sex toys that will leave your partner begging for more; from sexy silky sashes to hard metal handcuffs, there is something for everyone no matter your level of comfort! So establish your safe words and have a ball, gag, or two.
Bondage Supplies
Bondage supplies can be hard to find in the average sex shop, especially if you are looking for really hardcore bondage gear and fetish toys. A bondage shop that is aimed at those who know the world of bondage and are looking for the right supplies to make their fantasies come true will carry a lot more of what you are seeking. If you don't have time to waste, go straight to the source of the best bondage gear.
Bondage Tape
Are you bored with bondage cuffs, or simply want to explore a different style of bondage? Bondage tape is great for this. It doesn't require as much skill as rope, and you can be sure that the bottom is securely bound without concern for adhesive allergies or ripping out hair. You do have to make sure that it lies flat against the skin so that it doesn't cut off circulation, but beyond that, it's a nice way to tie your piggie without leaving marks. What's more, it's easily cut with blunt scissors and easy to unwrap and reuse. It's an easy, fun and safe way to practice bondage with your partner!
All sensual encounters should be fun and exciting. Bondage and BDSM play can add a new realm of excitement into your bedroom life. We have toys to accommodate both the newbie and veteran alike. We feature a large selection of bondage restraints, BDSM & electro sex, chastity, leather and latex fetish wear, whips, ticklers, bondage ropes, ball gags, strap-ons & harnesses, and other bondage toys.
Brutal Dildos
Some people like 'em large, and then some people like 'em EXTRA LARGE. Are you a size queen? Do you believe that bigger is, in fact, better? Some people like to test their limits when they play with dildos, and don't fuck around with mediocre sizing. If you're one of them, then our selection of brutal dildos are right up your alley (so to speak.) We have a selection that will stretch more than your imagination. Our inventory of gargantuan dongs are sure to please even the most selective size queen. Check them out and you won't be disappointed just be generous with the lube!
We know that size really does matter! Take this chance to increase your excitement and your pleasure by getting the fantastically huge size that you've been dreaming of in brutal dildos. No matter how big you want your new pleasure device to go, we are bound to have something that will be the perfect fit. So take a look at what we have to offer the size-savvy and let your imagination run as wild as your fantasies do!
Bullet Vibrator
Small, discreet and powerful, bullet vibrators can be used in endless ways to increase your pleasure and add something extra to your sex life. A bullet vibrator is perfect for vaginal use, anal stimulation, or for clitoral or even nipple stimulation. The bullet sex toy might be the most versatile and useful little toy in your arsenal, and you might even want to buy more than one for multiple points of stimulation at the same time.
Butt Plug Harnesses
Our butt plug harnesses come in two varieties those for men and those for women. The chief difference between the harnesses is that for the males, they come with a cock ring harness. For the ladies, you can get either a "plain Jane" harness or varieties with a vaginal plug or dildo harness. Either way, these harnesses are guaranteed to keep the butt plug lodged firmly in your bottom's bottom, so they don't pop out before the time is right. These are must have items if you're serious about anal play!
Butt Plug Tail
A butt plug alone is certainly a sexy and entertaining toy, but for those with a fantasy involving a swishing tail the enjoyment can go one step further. Whether you like something leather hitting the back of your thighs or you are looking to be the best pony girl there is, a tail butt plug can bring your fantasies to life. Not only are they fun to use, but that convenient tail makes it easier to hold on and even to gently pull the plug out when you're done- just remember easy does it!
Butt Plugs
Butt plugs are a staple sex toy for anal connoisseurs. Unlike dildos, they're designed specifically to be put in your tushy, so they don't get lost in there and lead to an embarrassing trip to the emergency room. They come in several shapes and sizes to accommodate your comfort level and maximize your feeling of fullness. You can also get them in a variety of different materials, from wood to metal, plastic, latex, glass and more. They can also come with a variety of attachments, such as tails, door knockers and jewels. Chances are that if you've thought of it, someone has made a plug with that in mind! The only limit is what you want to do with them besides having them in your bum, of course!
Butterfly Sex Toy
Unique and a lot of fun, the butterfly sex toy is something different from most of the sex toys you may have seen. This wearable sex toy can go anywhere with you, and can provide stimulation no matter where you are. A butterfly shape makes it pretty to look at, and powerful vibrating action makes it a true pleasure to wear. Let your partner hold the controls and surprise you with a toe-curling orgasm anytime and anywhere, at the push of a button.
Butterfly Vibrators
Butterfly vibrators are a great toy for when you're alone, in pairs or even with a group of girlfriends, if that's your thing. These deliciously naughty variable speed clit stimulators nestle between your lips, cradling your clit, and are held in place with straps around your legs. They provide a hands-free orgasmic experience, and will even stay in place during sex. If you're really feeling daring, you can wear one underneath your clothes for instant gratification wherever you happen to feel like it. They're extra fun when combined with light bondage bind the lady's wrists while she's wearing the butterfly and control the intensity for a torturously erotic experience!
As one of the most popular toys for anal stimulation, the buttplug is perfect for foreplay or for use during other sexual activity. It can even become a replacement for a dildo with a butt plug harness that allows the wearer to control the plug in a whole new way. Whether you are looking for a small or a large butt plug, you can find one that will give you a sensation you have never experienced before, and make anal play a part of any night of fun.
Buy Sex Toys
Feeling a little bit shy about going into a store to buy a new toy? There's no need to be left out of the sensual fun that toys can bring into your life! Consider the option to buy sex toys online, in a discreet and personal way that can ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. When you buy sex toys from us you get the perfect toy and the ultimate in privacy!
Buy Vibrator
If you are looking to buy vibrator sex toys but don't know where to start, you are not alone. The selection is incredible, which means you can find the right toy for you, maybe even more than one so you can be ready for anything. Whether you are a looking big vibrators or something more discreet, you can buy vibrators that meet every need and suit every fantasy, not in the bedroom and anywhere you take your fun.
Cheap Toys
Cheap sex toys are a smart buy if you're undecided about what you really like, or if you're exploring new avenues of sex play. After all, no one likes to waste money on a toy that doesn't deliver on its promise, so it only makes sense to buy the cheap version first. Once you've decided that you like something and wear it out, you can invest in higher-end models that will last. Of course, there are still a lot of awesome deluxe model sex toys out there that are inexpensively priced. Even if your toy budget is small, you're bound to find something you like in this selection of cheap sex toys.
Cheapest Sex Toys
Building your collection of great sex toys can cost a lot of money, but fortunately some of the simplest and hottest sex toys are also the cheapest sex toys. Small, discreet sex toys can go anywhere you want them to and provide big pleasure for a low price. Thin small vibrators that can work for clitoral stimulation and basic dildos that can be used for both vaginal and anal fun are good starting points for your toy collection. When shopping for your new toys remember that double duty means double pleasure for less.
Christian Sex Toys
A little bit of fun toy sex between devoted married couples is a great way to increase intimacy and explore each other in a way that is safe and comfortable. Christian sex toys are a fun method of introducing a little bit more spice and romance into your married love life! Shopping online is a discreet way to find and buy the toys or other accessories that you are both interested in. Remember that the couple that plays together stays together!
Clit Stimulator
There is nothing that can add more sexual pleasure for a woman than a good clit stimulator. Many women simply can't reach orgasm with intercourse alone, but clit stimulators can make all the difference. These little devices can quickly turn up the pleasure dial for any woman and make multiple orgasms a part of your sex life every time that you use them. A wide variety of fun choices makes it possible for anyone to find the perfect toy for the perfect orgasm.
Clit Toys
Whether used alone or during sex, clit toys are the best way to bring a woman to orgasm in record time. Vibrating clitoral stimulators can create a sensation that no human being can, because of the speed at which they vibrate and the option for light or heavy pressure. These perfect little toys can help to bring a woman to an incredible orgasm every single time, and without a lot of effort; leaving you more energy for other fun.
Clit Vibrators
These vibes are designed to give intense, lightning-bolt orgasms. Clit vibrators range in size from something you could fit on a keyring (you know, in case you get stuck in traffic) to the massive Hitachi Wand. While they look innocuous for the most part, they can deliver one hell of an erotic punch to your sex life! You can use a little butterfly vibe for hands-free fun (which are great for a naughty bondage scene) or waterproof bullet vibes for bath time fun. Just remember that if you choose to use lubricants with one of these, check for compatibility with the toy's material.
Clitoral Vibrators
Clitoral vibrators are specifically made to give women that lightning-bolt orgasm, and can be found in a wide variety of sex toys. Some of the smaller brands can be disguised as a tube of lipstick for discreet convenience. Then there are the butterfly and dolphin toys; since they're held in place with straps, they are excellent for hands-free masturbation. Then there are bullet and egg vibes, which are great by themselves or combined with a dildo or cock ring that can accommodate one. Finally, you have the intimidating Hitachi Wand, which is so big and powerful that it may seem like a bit much until you actually use it. With the sheer variety of clitoral vibrators out there, you can bet that you'll never be disappointed in your selection.
Cock Cages
Chastity play is a form of domination that gets a lot of play, especially within the BDSM community. Cock cages are a feature for male chastity scenes. They play the same role as chastity belts do for womenthey fully encase the penis and balls to prevent any access. Central to the idea is that these are worn constantly during the designated time frame, to be unleashed with the full force of sexual frustration. As such, cock cages are typically designed with discretion in mind, though there are certainly some out there that don't take this into consideration to add the element of humiliation. If this is your game, we have a great selection of cock cages for you to check out.
Cock Enlargers
Sometimes it's fun to play with a larger cock, and until recently you couldn't just magically make yours bigger. Today's cock enlargers can actually do this, at least temporarily. The big question is, how do you want to do it? Do you want your dick to actually be larger, or are you satisfied with a cock extender? Extenders are toys that fit around your cock, making it bigger (whether it's better depends on how you use it!) If you want to make your cock itself larger, there are some ways to actually do that here. We have penis pumps, traction devices, and the enhancement pills and patches that can give you the meatier dick you've always wanted.
Cock Extenders
Cock extenders, or cock sleeves, are a great way to fill your partner with something a bit larger than your cock, but you still get to be a part of the action. They come in different materials, sizes and lengths, and simply slip over the end of your cock or dildo. You can make your penis thicker, longer, and take on shapes that just aren't natural! On the average, you can add 1 to 3 inches to your penis and about a half inch to an inch in circumference. The end result is that you can have the gratification of seeing her pleasured in ways you've never seen before. This is a great addition to any night stand toy box.
Cock Plugs
An intense piece of penis jewelry, cock plugs are popular with those who are into sounding. If you haven't heard of it yet, sounding involves inserting things into the urethra. This is obviously going to curl some toes and take the breath away! Cock plugs come in different styles and sizes, from small and short ones that are held in place by a loop behind the glans to ribbed rods the size of chopsticks! If you're just getting started, we highly suggest that you start small and work your way up to the larger sizes, otherwise you could seriously cause harm to yourself. Above all, don't forget to apply some lube before you put the plug in remember, it's supposed to be uncomfortable, not cause any real damage!
Cock Pumps
Cock pumps are an old favorite for the onanist and sexual experimenter alike. A particular cock pump has even been approved by the AMA and Medicare for erectile dysfunction disorder! One of the great benefits of cock pumps is that they super-engorge your shaft with blood, making your manhood rock hard and HUGE. There is a lot of variety among cock pumps, from manual types that somewhat resemble bicycle pumps to electrical ones designed for the ultimate pleasure. Whatever your choice is, you'll know that when you use a cock pump, your penis will be much larger, and virtually tingling with sensation. You won't regret it.
Cock Rings
Cock rings have been a favorite sex toy for ages, and they still retain their legendary status among guys who know how much more powerful their erections can become They are offered in a variety of styles to suit the wearer's tastes and needs, from the simple rubber o-ring types to studded leather straps. Some surround only the shaft, while others have a figure-8 configuration that cradles the balls. They work by cutting off the flow of blood away from the penis to extend the longevity of the erection. They also have the added benefit of preventing ejaculation. These two things add up to an extended session of pleasure for both partners. Try one out and see for yourself.
Cock Sleeves
If you really want to bring your sex play to the next level, cock sleeves are a great way to do this. One avenue you can choose is playing with penis extensions that can increase your length and girth. You can also play with various ribbed, bumped and textured sleeves to really make your partner's toes curl. Whichever direction you go, you can be sure that using a cock sleeve will bring a new level of intensity to your sex play. And the pleasure's not all theirs, either
Cock Slings
Cock slings are essentially cock rings with an added bonus: They stimulate the perineum, or "taint." They do this by having a tongue that extends back across the perineum when worn. The end result is not only a more pleasurable experience for the man during sex, but it greatly accentuates the size of his package and can be worn at any time or place. The most popular models are made of silicone, which makes them much easier to put on and take off. Just drizzle a little lube on it, insert one ball at a time, then feed the penis through the hole, and voila! You have the benefits of extended intercourse that you normally get with a cock ring, plus a nice massage to the perineum as you play.
Cock Stretcher
Are you looking to go the distance with confidence? A cock stretcher could just be the thing to help you to get the length and the confidence that you need. For long-lasting male enhancement results, a penis traction device can help you to see the increase in length and girth that you have been hoping for. Until you achieve your ultimate size results, you should consider using a cock extension to liven up things in the bedroom.
Whether you need a little help staying your hardest or simply love the feeling of a tight grip at the base, cockrings can be useful and pleasurable for any man. They are one of the simplest cock toys on the market and very easy to use. But simple doesn't mean they won't bring big pleasure. These basics of any well stocked toy bag are small but big on fun; they increase pleasure for him as well as staying power for his partner!
Crotchless Panties
Crotchless panties are without a doubt one of the essentials in every woman's special occasion lingerie wardrobe. Sexy and practical for sex play, they've stood the test of time as a favorite in teasing your partner. On one level, they go great as part of an ensemble, providing just enough of a view of what they might get to make them beg for you. On another level, they can provide for a fully or partly clothed sexual experience without the trouble of pulling them to the side or possibly ripping them. You can't go wrong with this classic favorite.
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Cyberskin Dildos
Cyberskin is the highest quality material for sex toys on the market. It's designed to be the closest simulation to human skin on the market. Naturally, a Cyberskin dildo is going to be a treasured find, especially if you're more about a real feel dildo. One thing to keep in mind is that while this is sensually the best material on the market, it also requires a bit more in the way of upkeep. For one thing, you can only use water-based lubricants; anything else will deteriorate it. Also, when you're storing it between uses, you have to keep it dusted with a little talc; otherwise, it's going to get sticky. All the same, if you've tried a Cyberskin toy, you know that this extra effort is well repaid.
No bag of sexy tricks is complete without a good selection of didlos in a number of different fun sizes. The right didlo is the most basic toy any lover of the erotic arts can have on hand. It can be used for oral, anal and vaginal play and can also be used with a strap-on for extra fun. Adding new dildos to your selection of sex toys in many different sizes and styles will make sure you have the right one for every occasion.
Dildo Bike
Who says that getting a good workout is boring? With a dildo bike you will be able to get every inch of your body into shape and you will be able to burn just a few extra calories as you combine a good workout with a really good workout! Riding dildos is not likely to become an Olympic sport any time soon but you are sure to work up a sweat and have a whole lot more fun than the average Olympian will in training!
Dildo Gag
When that same old ball gag just isn't giving the same satisfaction anymore, you can up the ante with a dildo gag. Giving a truly erotic appearance when worn and also offering the opportunity for penetration to the other person, a dildo gag is a perfect bondage device for people who want to take their play to the next level. Also ideal for those who truly enjoy submission and humiliation play, this gag is more than just a silencing device.
Dildo Harnesses
Dildo harnesses are a great addition to your sex toy box. They're mostly considered the domain of lesbians, but many perfectly heterosexual couples use them. Some male-female couples play with role reversal, with the man on the receiving end of the dildo. Other couples get a real kick out of the man wearing the dildo harness for a double-penetration experience. Many harnesses come with a dildo securely attached, but more and more harnesses are coming out that you can attach your own dildos to. A bit of advice, though: You should use dildos that have a set of balls on them or a flange, otherwise you might find some bruises on your lower abdomen. There are also suction cup dildo harnesses that provide a connection that's less likely to shift.
Dildo Machine
You can take self pleasure to a whole new level with a powerful dildo machine. There are several types of these devices that allow anyone to be penetrated with just the right amount of pressure without a partner in sight. A dildo chair is one of the options for the use of a dildo without the need to hold onto it or have someone else use it on you. There are sex machines for sale that allow you to take dildo pleasures to the next level and achieve orgasms that no single sex toy has ever given you before.
Dildo Panties
Provide hidden pleasure to anyone with a pair of dildo panties that have a dildo built right in. Whether you want a little secret while you are out with your partner or just enjoy knowing it's there while you pleasure other body parts, dildo panties and dildo pants are the sexiest little secret that anyone can carry around in their pants. Available in many sizes and styles, these sex toys are full of hidden fun for men and women.
Dildo That Cums
If you have found that your dildo play lacks realism, dildos that cum can change all that in a hurry. A hollow dildo that allows you to mimic that moment of release is a sexy way to make play with toys not only more realistic, but take care of that fantasy of ejaculation just about anywhere without the same mess. A dildo that cums is a realistic sex toy that mimics the fun of hot and messy real sex like no other!
Dildos For Sale
Are you a discerning lady looking to buy dildos that will add a whole new level of intimate pleasure? With our wide variety of dildos for sale, you are sure to find just what you are looking for. Pink, purple, black, and blue, we have the right color for you! Big, small, and everything in between, when you browse our selection, we know you'll be keen! If strapon dildos are more your idea of fun, c'mon in, you know we'll have the right one.
Classic dildos are the tried and true "old faithful" dongs that have stood the test of time. With all the innovations going on in the sex toy industry, the truly good toys are the ones which have weathered the storm of innovation and continue to be popular choices. These toys were built right the first time. The great thing about these vintage toys is that not only are they still favorites after all these years, they're usually less expensive than the newer styles that are out. No toy collection is complete without one of these work horses.
Discount Adult Toys
There is no reason that getting your hands on the hottest sex toys should break the bank. Discount adult toys are just as hot and just as much fun, and leave you more money for other things- or simply to spend on more toys. Whether you are looking for discount vibrators or any other sex toy you can think of, you can save money but have all the fun just as easily with more affordable versions of the hot toys you want.
Doc Johnson Vibrators
Doc Johnson has been the industry standard for dildos and vibrators since they dragged the adult sex toy industry out of the dark ages in the late '70s. They were the best in the beginning, and they continue to be the best now. Doc Johnson's constant commitment to quality sex toys has earned them this title, and they now have literally hundreds of different vibrators and over 1,800 sex toys on the market. You can have the basic egg and bullet vibes, as well as vibrator shafts with removable sleeves. There are also waterproof models and clit stimulators. To make a long story short, Doc Johnson's selection of vibrators includes every kind of vibe possible, and at a quality that's hard to beat.
Doc Johson Dildos
Doc Johnson Dildos is an empire in the sex toy industry. Founded in 1976 as a garage-level peddler of sex toys, they have grown to be the largest purveyor of rubber sex toys in the industry. Their commitment to quality has earned them this right, and now they have over 1,800 sex toys on the market, including the famous Pocket Rocket. Doc Johnson has literally brought dildos from the underground to the mainstream, and to this day, they're still the standard by which all dildos are measured. Shop around and buy yourself a piece of history with a Doc Johnson dildo.
Double Dildos
Double dildos are a favorite toy among lesbians, but they don't get to have all the fun. There are a lot of straight couples out there that like to play with role reversal, and these wonderful toys are a great way to do that. Simply insert one end in your vagina and hold it in place with your thighs, and you're ready to rock. The great thing about double dildos is that they provide stimulation to both partners, unlike some strap-ons. They're also more low maintenance, since you only have one piece to wash instead of two or three, as you would with a full harness set up. They can be a little awkward at first, but after some practice, you too can work it like a pro.
Double Ended Dildos
Certainly one of the most amazing toys ever invented, double ended dildos have come a long way from their beginnings. The classic 18-inch model has been featured in many lesbian porno films since the early days. Now there are models that are more adequately designed to simulate having a penis without all the work of using a harness. The end that goes into the wearer is particularly designed for G-spot stimulation, and the other end has the effect of a standard dildo. It takes a little getting used to since you have to hold it in place by keeping your thighs together, but once you do, you'll be amazed at just how stimulating they can be for both partners.
Double Headed Dildos
Double headed dildos are a wonderful addition to your sex toy box. Whether you're a lesbian or a hetero female who likes to wield the wand from time to time, double headed dildos are a great deal of fun. The most well known version of these dildos are the huge ones that you often see in lesbian videos. However, there's a whole line of them that are used in a similar way to strap-ons, but dispensing with the harness. Essentially, one woman wears it by placing one end in her vagina, holds it in place, and uses it just like a penis. These are particularly great in that with one toy, both partners can receive pleasure. We have a wide variety of them, so check out our selection.
Double Sided Dildos
Double sided dildos are friends to lesbians everywhere. They're also a great addition for straight couples who like to play with a little role reversal. Double sided dildos come in two major varieties the straight kind that two girls can mount, and the kind that one can wear and use like a penis. They both come in all types of materials, from inexpensive plastic and silicone to glass and metal. They can be a little awkward to use at first, but it's an amazing experience once you get the hang of it. For you ladies that like to take control, the wearable ones are much more pleasurable and much easier to take care of than strap-ons. Take a look around at our selection and see if there's something you like.
Duotone Balls
What could possibly be better than the sensation of Ben Wa Balls? Vibrating Ben Wa Balls, of course! That's exactly what Duotone Balls are. These hot toys represent the apex of vaginal ball pleasure. They're also known as orgasm balls, rocker balls, love balls, and pleasure balls. Like Ben Wa Balls, they are made of a variety of materials, including plastic, silicone, metal and mixtures. They're usually about the size of marble shooters typically 1 _ inches in diameter. Like the Ben Wa Balls, they can be stranded on a cord for multiple ball insertion. The vibrating action of Duotone Balls works in one of two ways: they either have another metal ball inside them which causes vibrations as you move, or are battery-operated.
Edible Panties
Who doesn't like edible panties? The origins of the edible panty start in 1975, when some friends were musing over the phrase, eat my shorts. From there, two of the friends decided to create Cosmorotics, Inc, and create the first edible panties under the name of Candy Pants. These luscious lingerie items were an instant hit, and many companies quickly followed suit in this edible erotic phenomenon. Still popular to this day, edible panties are available anywhere from adult novelty stores to Victoria Secret. Check out our selection of edible panties for a tasty, tawdry way of adding a new level of excitement to your sex play.
Ejaculating Dildos
Ejaculating dildos are truly one of the best ideas in the sex toy industry. They can come on command and do it again and again, and you don't have to worry about a refractory period. These excellent toys come in all shapes, sizes and nearly any material you can think of. All you have to do to make them work is fill the bulb with water or your favorite cum recipe (plain, unsweetened yogurt and warm water is the healthiest mixture) and squeeze the bulb at the right moment to release the torrent. These marvels of sex toy science are a must have in every naughty girl's treasure box.
Ejaculating Strapon
For a more realistic sensation during your most intimate moments, consider an ejaculating strapon. With a well-hidden tubing system and squeeze bulb, you will be able to bring your partner to exciting levels of pleasure, again and again. Strap on cum producing adult toys can use warm water or a variety of safe-to-use recipes that will produce something more like the real thing! But really, who has time to whip up a batch of fun when you're in the mood? So grab the warm water, grab your partner and find a new use for your kitchen island!
Electric Butt Plug
Do you want to really make your partner stand at attention? How about bring them to their knees and curl their toes? Let us introduce you to the electric butt plug. At first glance, you may be thinking that these are simply vibrating butt plugs. They're not...they're even more diabolical. These e-stim butt plugs emit an electrical current into the anus. It's not dangerous
Electric Sex Toys
Do you think vibrating toys are okay, but you're looking for something a little more intense? Welcome to the wonderful world of electric sex toys. Here we have e-stim technology put to use for your sexual pleasure. E-Stim, or electrical stimulation, is developed from a form of physical therapy where a light electrical current is applied to impinged nerves to stimulate them. You won't get the kind of shock you'd expect. Rather, what you will get is a direct stimulation of your nerve endings which could send you screaming into the stratosphere as you have an orgasm like no other you've ever had. It's perfectly safe and perfectly out of this world!
Electric Vibrators
Electric vibrators are the oldest kind of vibrator out there. These are the kind that you either have to plug into a wall or that use a rechargeable battery. Generally speaking, they pack more punch than the battery operated vibes, have a longer lifespan, and can be used for sensual massage as well as sexual use. The main disadvantage to most electric vibes is that you have to be close enough to a power outlet to plug them in while you play. There are two main kinds the wand vibrator and the coil vibrator. The wand vibrators are epitomized by the Hitachi Wand. The coil vibrators are great since they don't make much noise and provide a more buzzy and less thumpy vibration.
Electric Vibrators
If it makes you nervous to use electric vibrators around water, then you need to choose a vibrator that is waterproof. Take your erotic fun into the bath, shower or hot tub with an option such as the dolphin vibrator, which is waterproof and is a watery blue color as well. This sleek little vibrator is safe for all of that erotic water play and is just as fun and friendly as the animal it's named for.
Erection Rings
Erection rings are an excellent accessory for the cock that has it all. The eternally famous cock ring is more than just a visual accessory; it serves a functional purpose as well
Erotic Stores
Our erotic stores can provide you with everything you need to add some spice, bring things back to life, or even just have a little fun all by yourself. The choices in our erotic shop can provide fun from simple sensuality all the way to the most erotic fetishes. Everyone can make things a little more fun with the right toy, no matter whether they are alone in the room or with a partner- or two!
Erotic Toys
Erotic toys are a fun and exciting way to turn any night into a hot, steamy and pleasurable one! Whether you are alone and just want to have a little fun or want to bring something new and different into a long term relationship, erotic sex toys will take you all the way, no matter what direction you are going. With toys for men and women and every level of experience, finding the right pleasure for you is easier than ever.
Exotic Sex Toys
The most exotic sex toys on the market can bring you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams! When you shop erotic sex toy stores for the most exotic toys, you will discover a world of sexual entertainment you only imagined. There are toys that can turn anyone into a vixen or a stud and keep your partner gasping for air- and plenty of toys that make nights all by yourself a whole lot more entertaining and fun!
Extreme Dildos
Extreme dildos are definitely NOT for the faint of heart! Chances are, if you're looking for an extreme dildo, you're already well accustomed to accommodating one of these ginormous dongs. If you're only curious about using extreme dildos, you should probably start off with something a little smaller, say just above average size. They can be anywhere from 9 inches long and 5 inches in circumference to the epic Bam dildo, which is a full 13 inches long and 8 _ inches around. Please consider these facts before you buy one of these monster dildos if you haven't prepared yourself for this degree of fulfillment, all you have is a toy for shock value. It should go without saying that you'll want to liberally lube these dongs before using.
Extreme Restraint
If you are curious about sex restraints, there are some great ways to get into the action without getting too hardcore. Soft and easy to use restraints that are safe for everyone to enjoy are a great starting point for those new to the fetish to try out. Of course, when you are ready for more extreme restraint fun, your experiences can be taken to the most hardcore level that you can possibly fantasize about- or dare to try!
Female Sex Toys
It's a limited imagination that thinks that women's toys are limited to dong shaped vibrators and dildos. There are so many more ways a woman can be pleased than by inserting a phallus! Clit vibrators, for instance, don't involve penetration. Nipple pumps and clamps also provide a great deal of pleasure for women, not to mention toys like feather dusters, massage oils, fantasy lingerie and stripper poles. Even in the limited realm of vibrators and dildos, there's a huge variety of sex toys available in all shapes, sizes and materials. Open your mind and explore the ever-expanding world of women's toys.
Female Toys
The best female toys on the market are those that offer multiple stimulation points to ensure a woman can be brought to orgasm every time. Because not many women can reach orgasm from penetration alone, any female sex toy that offers clitoral stimulation is sure to be a big hit, whether it is for the woman's private use or something for couples to explore together. She will certainly appreciate the new sensations the right toy can provide.
Female Vibrators
Whether a wide eyed curious beginner or just looking to add to your collection, you won't have any trouble at all finding female vibrators that will tickle whatever you fancy. From Bullets and back again to the simple, slim and sleek female vibrators we're all familiar with, you can have it all battery powered and ready to go when you are. We have female vibrators in all shapes, sizes and textures that will have you writhing in anticipation from the second you order from our large collection. These are our specialty and we take pride in offering you the finest variety you won't find anywhere else.
There will be no doubt as to your being the Mistress of your domain when you pick out an array of Femdom accessories. Does your sub need a new collar? Perhaps something in chrome or leather and fur will be the perfect way to play. Handcuffs, bondage tape, or even a fun whip are the ideal way to punish your sub for misbehaving. Humiliated and subdued while still adoring you in your stilettos? What more could a girl ask for?
Fetish Wear
Fetish wear and fantasy lingerie is a great start in expanding your sexual repertoire. A key element to truly great sex play is imagination, and you're sure to excite the imagination of your partner with this selection of fetish wear. Geared to take your play outside the realms of normalcy, these fetish items are tried and true to bring your playfulness to the next level of eroticism. From hoods and cuffs to straight jackets and vinyl catsuits, these kinky clothes will be all you need to take your attitude up a notch and take your partner on a ride to the wild side!
Finger Vibrators
Finger vibrators are a convenient way to get the job done. Slim, sleek and powerful, finger vibrators are the method of choice for those who want compact pleasure beyond measure. We know that absolutely no naughty toy box is complete without these little wonders just making it pop. Finger vibrators' compact size and neatness make it easy to have carry-along fun no matter where you go. They easily fit into any handbag or overnight bag for fun times on the go. Need a night stand buddy that doesn't take up much space? A finger vibrator is just what the doctor ordered.
Flashlight Sex Toy
Why should the women have all the fun? The flashlight sex toy lets men get in on the action and enjoy alone time a whole lot more than ever before. Perfect for play with or without a partner this toy lets a man experience the sensation of being with a woman even if there is no one around. There is no man who won't be excited to give this toy a try; it might just be the perfect gift.
Flavored Lubricants
Everyone loves the taste of a lover, but bringing on flavored lubricants can make it that much more pleasurable. Flavored lubricants are amazing for oral play, but also, for either mutual or solo masturbation. Lubricant that you can lick off? This makes clean up much easier, but it also makes it part of the play. With a wide assortment of flavors, finding a great taste to add to your already favorite flavored body parts will be a breeze. Mix and match and have wild, slippery fun that tastes and feels amazing. Going it alone or playing with partners, flavored lubricants make everything tastier.
Sometimes, you just have to whip that little toad into shape. Giving your On your knees! command much more heft, floggers are the very best way to show them you mean business. Exploring the pleasure-pain combination is never complete without a flogger in your hand. Whether you like latex, leather or other materials, finding a butt-reddening flogger is simple with a great selection of well built spanking toys. If you're ready to play the enforcer or if you're just playing fetch, our floggers will have you asking, Are you my Dommey?
Fucking Machines
There is a reason why when we talk about an intense lover, we say they fucked like a machine. Well, why not skip the middle man and get yourself a real fucking machine? With everything from simple instruments that fuck you gently to more extreme fucking machines, you don't have to look any further to find what you want. Great for play parties, couples and solo play, having a fucking machine is like sex on demand, all the time, any time. From complex to simple designs, you're sure to find a machine that fits your... budget.
G Spot Toys
For bringing a woman to climax without clitoral stimulation, there is nothing better than a G spot sex toy. G spot toys reach that mystically hidden spot that can bring her greater orgasms than she has ever known before. A Gspot vibrator is the perfect way to spend an evening alone or can help provide an incredible sensation shared with a partner. If she hasn't had an orgasm this way before, she is in for a real treat!
Gay Dildos
We know you've got needs, and you want those needs met. We provide gay dildos in any shape, size and color you can possibly imagine with options for cut, uncut and even ejaculating. A realistic feel in any color, any size and any shape you want makes play much more interesting, either alone or with a partner. Gay dildos with fat heads or even smooth tips, curved and more offer you a wealth of choices for all your naughty toy box needs. Smooth or textured, no matter what it is you desire, you are going to find it here.
Gay Toys
Gay sex toys are second only to women's sex toys in popularity, and in fact, many of them are interchangeable. For that matter, many of the straight men's toys can be used in a gay context. The world of gay toys is a marvelous gray area, where nearly any available toy can be used to stimulate your desire and maximize and prolong your pleasure. You can be sure that our collection of qualifiably gay toys is the best out there, and you won't be disappointed with your selection. There are a few toys on this list that are specifically for the gay crowd, so keep your eyes open as you browse.
Giant Butt Plugs
They're big. They're huge. They're giant butt plugs. Are you a fan of the jumbo size? Or maybe are you a Dom/me who likes to see their subs squirm at the sight of a massive butt plug? Then you'll love our collection of giant butt plugs. Some of these monsters are literally the size of small warheads! We have an awesome selection of giant butt plugs to choose from, and in nearly any material you can imagine. Just make sure that you use the right lube, and make sure that you use a lot of it. As the saying goes, Too much lube is almost enough.
Giant Dildos
For those who have an appetite for a little bit more, giant dildos can create sensations unlike anything else. If a gigantic dildo gets you excited, there are some truly huge ones to choose from. You can get dildos for any fantasy or pleasure; choose an Asian dildo or any other that might tickle your fancy. Choose the perfect size for the perfect pleasure experience, with or without a partner. Does size matter? Of course! So choose the right size for you.
Glass Sex Toys
If you don't have a glass piece yet, you have no idea of what you're missing out on. Glass sex toys are some of the most beautiful things you'll ever use on yourself or your partner. Whether you want a dildo or a butt plug, a good piece of Pyrex is great for a solid and heavy toy. The design possibilities for glass toys are virtually limitless...some pieces could even pass as modern art for your mantel! They're also easy to clean, are non-porous, and can handle any lube or condom all you have to worry about is whether the condom and lube will get along (remember, oil and latex don't mix!) Check out our selection and see if there's something that strikes your fancy.
Glass Butt Plugs
Glass butt plugs are a favorite among fans of anal play. While similar in most ways to standard butt plugs, they're heavier, provide less friction, are non-porous, easier to sterilize and are more durable you don't have to worry about lubricants breaking down the material. Glass plugs are also wonderfully versatile: You can warm them in hot water for a few minutes before play time for a more life-like feel, but if you're feeling a little sadistic, you can place them in the freezer for a whole new sensation! They also look so much sexier than their silicone cousins. If butt play is your thing, then you definitely consider investing in a good glass butt plug. You won't regret it!
Glass Dildos
Our glass dildos are simply the most beautiful sex toys you'll ever use! Pyrex glass is a great material for several reasons: They're non-porous and easy to sanitize, and can be crafted into gorgeous, artistic pieces that you can be proud to display (just make sure Grandma's not coming over!) It's also a rather heavy material, which makes it a hit for those who like a firmer stroke. Glass dildos can accommodate any lube and any condom without concern for staining or degeneration. If you like a warmer feel, soaking a glass dildo in warm water before play is a snap, and it retains heat longer than any other type of dildo. Whatever you're looking for in a glass piece, we've got it here.
Glass Vibrators
A relative newcomer on the market, glass vibrators are just like other vibrators, only encased in a Pyrex or other borosilicate glass sleeve. They don't diminish the vibrations very much, so you don't lose any of the pleasure that you would get with a standard plastic or metal vibe. Because they're glass, they're much easier to clean than the standard vibes, plus you don't have to worry about toxins such as phthalates. They also have the benefit of being much heavier for a nice, solid fucking, and you can warm them up with hot water. We carry the top selection of glass vibrators just browse around and see for yourself"
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G Spot Vibrators
The G-spot may not be much of a mystery anymore, but that doesn't make it any less of an amazing place for stimulation. When G-spot vibrators arrived on the market, they were an immediate hit, and they still run strong to this day. The sensations of a G-spot orgasm are completely different than the standard of orgasms achieved via clitoral stimulation, and that quarter-sized area of tissue is essential to achieving squirting orgasms. By and large, G-spot vibes have an egg-shaped head and tilted shaft angled to deeply stimulate the tissue. Once you've had a screaming G-spot orgasm, you'll know exactly why this matters!
Hello Kitty Vibrator
Every kitty needs a bit of love! Pretty in pink, a Hello Kitty vibrator is a fab idea for the girly girl who is looking to add just a little more pink into her life. Get rid of all of your accumulated stress, from work or from your partner, and just spend some one-on-one quality time with the world famous pink kitty. Shipped discreetly to your home, you'll find a whole new appreciation for all things pink!
Hitachi Vibrators
Hitachi Magic Wands are almost a running gag for the sex toy industry. Ostensibly, they're for massage, health and beauty, etc., but we all know what most people buy them for! They come in 3 speeds amazing, earth-shattering and transcendental. While they are of course useful for massage and working out knots in your muscles, they have a much better use and if you have a clitoris, you MUST have one! The best feature of Hitachi vibrators is that they plug into the wall, so that you don't have to deal with that annoying battery death when you're on the verge of a cosmic-grade orgasm. With or without any of the penetrative attachments, Hitachi wands can give amazing orgasms to just about anyone.
Hollow Strap On
For the guy or gal who wants to rock their partner's socks off, a hollow strap on is just the thing. Accommodate your shaft inside the hollow shaft, even with a full erection, and keep on going long after you've hit your orgasmic peak. Give your partner the hot sensation they're looking for with an ejaculating strap. Simply squeeze and release to shoot your warm load into just where they want it! And guys? Socks aren't sexy in bed, so either remove them before getting down and dirty- or REALLY rock them off!
Huge Anal Dildo
A little bit of back door fun has never been this exciting with a great selection of huge anal dildos that are sure to please even the most demanding behind. If size is your primary focus then consider a brutal anal dildo that will bring you to new levels of delight, again and again! A deep anal dildo can go the pleasure distance and will certainly ensure that there are absolutely no complaints- only demands for repeated pleasure!
Huge Anal Plugs
Huge anal plugs are definitely not for the faint of heart! Chances are that if you're looking for a huge anal plug, you've trained long and hard to accommodate one of these monsters. If you're only curious about giant plugs, you should choose larger sizes gradually. Some of these things are literally the size of shoulder-mounted missiles! Some of these butt plugs are 9 inches long and 5 inches in diameter definitely something to keep in mind BEFORE you buy! If you haven't prepared yourself for this level of fullness, it will at least make a good conversation piece (or scare tactic!)
Huge Butt Plugs
How much can you take? How much would you take? Our selection of huge butt plugs will certainly test your limits! This is the sort of thing you have really have to train and build up to. Do not under any circumstances take on one of these bad boys unless you're a trained professional. These butt plugs are truly a marvel to behold, and just like Mount Everest, no picture can do them justice! Before you buy one of these, ask yourself, Do I have what it takes?
Huge Dildos
Many people think of strap-ons as purely lesbian sex toys. The fact is, they're not just limited to lesbians many heterosexual couples indulge in a little
Huge Sex Toys
Size queens rejoice! Nothing fills you better than huge sex toys made just for your need for the ultimate in erotic fulfillment. The huge anal toys that we offer come in a range of plus-sizes for your plus-size pleasure. Whether you are looking for a gigantic glass dildo or ginormous jelly butt plug that vibrates you to orgasmic pleasure, we have what you need. For slippery behind bouncing fun, take your waterproof vibrators into the shower and get wet all over!
Huge Strap On
Get ready for a night of immense fun with a huge strapon that will do so much more than just get the job done. A huge strap on will get the job done right; but not just once! As many times as you and your partner can handle! Pick out a strap on harness that is a comfortable fit and will help you to achieve new levels of intimacy and pleasure. For a bit of variety, and to keep things from getting a little too repetitive, consider adding a vibrator into the mix.
Huge Vibrator
Designed for internal penetration and stimulation, large vibrators are just the thing for ladies looking to tease their g-spot into a mind-blowing orgasm. Huge vibrators can give you the full-feeling of a natural penis while vibrating and rocking you into the ultimate orgasm. Guide your guys into using your realistic feeling huge vibrator on you to get the job done right! He'll love watching you climax! Be daring and explore new orgasmic sensations by using your plus-size vibes both vaginally and anally.
Inflatable Dildos
The feeling of having a cock grow inside of you is truly a unique experience. Inflatable dildos can do this, and more. Let's say on different days, you want a different sized cock. Rather than hunt down a variety of men or have a drawer full of dildos, you can get what you want out of one single cock. Inflatable dildos are also great if you're curious about upsizing your dildo collection to include some monster dongs. You'll never know what you can take until you try, and if you think a small dong is a disappointment, you haven't had one that's too big. With inflatable dildos, this will never be an issue for you.
Inflatable Dildos
Feel it growing inside of you, bringing you to higher levels of orgasmic greatness! Glide your dildo in and then give it a gentle pump to inflate it to its fullest capacity. Gaining in both length and girth, you'll have no problems feeling satisfied with this not-so-little gem. Inflatable sex toys, like the growing dildo, are a fun option for the orgasm adventure seekers amongst us; so get to pumping, in more ways than one.
Inflatable Doll
Whether for a bachelor party or for a bit of time with yourself, an inflatable doll can help you to get the job done. If a dirty-mouthed overly tanned party girl is more your speed then a guidette love doll could do the trick, at least you'll know where she's been before you! 3D love dolls can be a source of amusement at a party but can be a source of fun and entertainment for you once you get them home!
Intimate Toys
Turn any night into a steamy night of romance with a selection of naughty toys to tantalize and tease all of the right places. Whether you are looking to take your love-making to a whole new fun level with a vibrator, or are looking for accessories to increase your nipple play stimulation, intimate toys can put you in the mood and take you on a wild ride to the ultimate in pleasure. So let's get just a little bit naughty and find the right toy to hit the right spots.
Jack Rabbit Vibrators
Jack Rabbit vibrators have got to be the best kind of vibe ever. They offer the trifecta of vibrator stimulation, using an attached clit stimulator, pulsing beads for exquisite vaginal stimulation and a rotating motion that stimulates your G-spot like no other toy. These are the most popular vibrators out there for a reason, and they come in a huge assortment of different types. The common thread is that they all have the rabbit-shaped clit stimulator and they move as well as hum. If you don't have a Rabbit vibrator in your nightstand, you have no idea of what you're missing out on. Once you go Jack, you'll never go back.
Jackrabbit Vibrator
Waterproof for the ultimate in wet orgasmic play, use your jackrabbit vibrator in the shower or in the bathtub. With a powerful thrusting mechanism that offers multiple thrusting speeds, you will find that this little bunny vibrator will soon become your new best friend. Stimulating both your clit and your g-spot, your jackrabbit toy offers speed and stamina that cannot be matched. So tickle, tease, and tantalize your clit and g-spot until you are ready to explode with orgasmic energy.
Japanese Love Dolls
As some of the highest quality dolls on the market Japanese love dolls are beautiful, realistic and incredibly easy to pose. A Japanese love doll made of silicone is perfect for all of your fantasies, and can be arranged into any position that you might desire. With the lovely delicate features of a beautiful Japanese woman and a realistic feel to their bodies, these love dolls are the best Japanese sex toy choices on the market today.
Japanese Sex Dolls
The Japanese sex doll is a high quality doll made of silicone; it can be posed in any position that you might prefer. No matter what your fantasy may be, there is a Japanese sex doll to make it a reality. From a pliant Japanese woman to an anime themed doll that can bring your animated fantasies to life. With unbelievable realism and a feel unlike any other doll, you will be turning Japanese in no time once you get your hands on one of these beauties.
Jeff Stryker Dildo
If you have a favorite male star from the adult film industry that you like to fantasize about, there is good news! With famous males making molds of themselves into dildos, you can now own your very own version of the tool that you have long admired. You can buy a Jeff Stryker dildo, a John Holmes dildo, or a dildo modeled after many other famous names in the adult film industry. It's your turn to be the star of the show with these hot sex toys.
Jelly Dildos
Jelly dildos are classic sex toys for more than one reason! They can accommodate an incredible array of textures and hold lots of different shapes: phallic or non-phallic, artistic or symbolic. You can also find them with suction cups and phalanges, which make them great for strap-on sex. You can find some models with inner boning, which makes them incredibly flexible and helps a lot with positioning. What's even better is their price! Jelly dildos are by and large the least expensive penetrating toys you can find. They're easy to clean and durable, and make a great addition to any sex toy collection.
Kegel Balls
Kegel balls are sex toys that go by many names: Ben Wa alls, Burmese balls, Benoit balls and Geisha balls. By whatever name you call them, they're designed to work your kegel muscles and provide marvelous sexual stimulation at the same time. Many of them are hollow, such as bells, clappers, or chimes, but there are many solid kegel exercisers to accommodate people with more well-developed muscles. These toys are great for completely hands-free stimulation, since they only require that you move around to do their magic. You could, of course, just use them to strengthen your kegels to improve regular sexual intercourse, but isn't it great that you can get yourself off in the process?
Kim Kardashian Sex Doll
Who says that celebrities are unattainable! Get closely acquainted with the best booty in town with a Kim Kardashian sex doll that is so lifelike you'll almost forget it isn't really her. If Kinky Kim is not your ideal of a good night then consider letting your inner rock star out to play with everyone's favorite wild pop star with a Lady Gaga sex doll. No bad romance here, your sex dolls will be able to help you fulfill your fantasies while helping you to avoid those nasty restraining orders!
Kinky Sex Toys
Embrace your favorite fetish and inner kinks with extreme sex toys that can make all of your fantasies a reality. Kinky sex toys that let you explore new areas, new sensations, and new sizes are the ideal choice for a gal or a guy looking to get a little bit naughty. Fetish sex toys will keep things lively in the bedroom, or living room, or even the kitchen sink! Whether pain is your pleasure or pleasure is your desire, we have what you are looking for.
Large Dildos
Check it out, all you size queens! Our list of large dildos has what you're looking for. Our collection of cocks are huge and meaty guaranteed to top you off. Some ladies look for a little something more in their dildos, something that can really fill the space in their private time, and you can find what you want here. Our large dildos come in a variety of styles and materials, from jelly to rubber to silicone and more. If you're thinking about buying one of these huge dongs, but aren't sure if you're ready, then you probably aren't! Be forewarned, you may only get the head in with some of these, and you'd better stock up on lube!
Leather Restraints
When you want to be all tied up with no place to go, you'll find any of the restraints you need. Perhaps you just want to add a little spice to the bedroom, but even if you're interested in more serious restraints, whatever you need, we've got you covered. We have a huge selection for bondage cuffs from gummy, soft and fuzzy plush to the harder style as well as penis leads, first timer cuffs and so much more. Fetish fantasy cuffs, ankle cuffs, oh my We have anything you need to tie down the fun and dial up the intensity.
When people think S&M, one of the first things that come to mind is whips. This immediately makes the whole subject intimidating for most of the curious, since the common misconception is that this ultimately means bullwhips, and bullwhips mean real damage. The reality is that only a very few Dom/mes use real bullwhips, and this only after they've developed the skill and responsibility to use them without flaying their subs. Most whips used in S&M are actually prop or toy whips. While these whips certainly can deliver a sting and leave a mark, they're perfectly safe in terms of avoiding real harm to your body. All the same, if you're thinking about using whips, make sure you learn the ropes of responsible BDSM first.
Lesbian Dildos
Nearly any dildo can be used for lesbian sex, but there are some that lend themselves to it more than others. Double-ended dildos are a classic for a reason, and may be less intimidating to some ladies than the traditional strap-on, which can look a little too scary with all those straps and buckles. Suction cup dildos, anatomically correct dongs and those designed with a flat flange at the end are ideal for strap-on harnesses, as they are less likely to fall off and are designed to pad the wearer from discomfort caused by pressure on her pubic mound and pelvic bones.
Lesbian Sex Toys
There are so many great possibilities out there for lesbian toys. Most se toys can be used for lesbian sex play, from sex furniture to dildos and strap-ons. If you're on the more kinky side, our selection of spanking machines and bondage gear is an ideal addition to your collection of sex toys. There's virtually no limit of pleasure that you can't find among our toys, whether you're shopping for more specifically lesbian toys like the classic double-ended dildos to the grey area toys like strap-ons and bondage gear.
Lesbian Strap Ons
Lesbian strap-ons are great for a woman who wants to pleasure her partner in the same positions that a man might provide. Strap-ons have a wide range of styles, from a harness with a dong firmly attached to a harness that allows for interchangeable dildos. Far from keeping the pleasure exclusively on the receiving end, many harnesses allow for bullet vibes and dildos to be used by the one wielding the wand. One thing to watch out for with the interchangeable harnesses is that you should use a dildo with a flange to protect your pubic mound, or use suction cup dildos on the harnesses that accommodate those. Beyond that, it's all fair game!
Lesbian Strapon
Drive your lady to new heights of lust and pleasure with a new strapon that is sure to please. For the best in lesbian strapon choices, we've got you covered. Whether you're looking to tickle her fancy or embark on a double venture, there is a toy to fulfill all of your desires. Shop with your lovely lady by your side so that you can pick out a new strapon together; or surprise her with your choice! What a surprise that'll be!
Life Like Sex Dolls
Although female and male blow up doll options have been around a long time and are affordable, today's new life like sex dolls take your pleasure to a whole new level. With a life like sex doll you will be hard pressed to figure out what could be better about the real thing; imagine a partner who is always there for you, only exists for your pleasure, and never says no! These dolls are the real deal.
Life Size Sex Dolls
If you prefer to feel the solidity and weight of a life size sex doll when you enjoy a little bit of solo pleasure, you will be impressed with what the dolls available today can do. With a lot more pleasurable fun and games than any other sex toy can offer, life size sex dolls let you explore every fantasy whenever you are ready. There is no need to find a willing partner to try out a new idea! You have one available twenty four hours a day!
Lifelike Sex Dolls
There is nothing quite like the pleasure of a lifelike sex doll. With today's incredible technology, you can find lifelike sex dolls that can do everything but sing you a song. These dolls feel incredibly realistic and look like the real thing as well. Available to every specification to provide for any fantasy and every taste, these dolls will let you have the partner of your dreams without the effort of trying to find that person!
Lipstick VIbrators
Lipstick vibrators are a great way to keep your sex toy play discreet. Unless you pop the cap off of them and look closely, they look virtually identical to a tube of lipstick. These nifty toys are a special class of clitoral stimulation that you can keep private from snooping eyes, take with you wherever you go and not run the risk of blushing if someone happens to see them. Forget those pesky customs inspections at the airports no one will be the wiser. If you like your play time to be completely your business, you can't beat lipstick vibrators for keeping your private moments private.
Long Dildo
If you want to feel the deepest pleasure possible, you should take this opportunity to get your hands on a long dildo. Whether you enjoy vaginal play or are seeking a long anal dildo that can satisfy your deepest fantasies, there are several choices with serious inches to give you exactly what you need. Find the right length for you from a wide selection of dildos that can satisfy anyone no matter what. All of your fantasies can be an erotic reality, even those that are hard to find in real life!
Love Dolls
Love dolls have been around for a long time, and they range from the novelty inflatables to the super-pricy (but completely worth it!) RealDolls. The love doll industry certainly is alive and well, as men and women alike clamor for simulations of their favorite porn stars, celebrities and even politicians! With love dolls, you can indulge in fantasies that may be inconvenient to play out with a flesh and blood partner, like interracial or TS play. Some love dolls don't bother with the full-body experience and limit themselves to the essential parts. Whether you're serious or whimsical about love dolls, there is certainly a design that fits what you're looking for.
Feeling frisky but tired of the club scene? Pick out one of our lovely lovedolls to help make a lonely night just a little more bearable. Your new lovedoll won't require dinner and a movie; and she definitely won't regale you with tales of her cat or ask you to meet her mother! She will be ready and willing when you are! With the form and function that you need, without the senseless chatter, your new companion is the best option for a bit of impromptu fun.
Magic Wand Vibrator
The magic wand vibrator is a powerful toy that can provide incredibly strong vibrations to help you achieve orgasm faster and with even more intensity than ever before. A wand vibrator is generally intended for clitoral massage but many of them can be used for internal massage as well. This is the kind of massage you wish that you could get at the spa- it's more pleasurable and much more relaxing, and more affordable as well.
Male Condoms
A night of pleasure requires a little preparation to be sure you have everything you need. From male condoms to lubrication to all of the sex accessories that make a night in worth staying home for. Be sure to stock up so that you will have precisely what you need for every encounter. You don't want to miss out on the fun because you didn't have the right accessories on hand, so keep your toy bag stocked with all the basics!
Male Dildo
Everyone knows that there is no reason for the girls to have all of the fun; men can get great pleasure out of sex toys too. Male dildos can take sex to a whole new level. Just because you were born with one of your own doesn't mean you can't enjoy some play time with an erotic male dildo. There is always more pleasure to be had from adding a few extra toys to a night of passion.
Male Masterbators
For the best in pleasure that a man can get without someone else around to help, male masterbaters are the way to go. There are many different versions of the male masterbator on the market to appeal to any fantasy and make that alone time seem much less lonely. Male masterbators can be simple or much more technologically advanced. These handy little toys will quickly become your new best friend on those nights home alone.
Male Masturbation Toys
There are plenty of male masturbation toys to choose from in our online catalog. The toys that we offer can do things that you never do could alone! A powerful male masturbation machine makes self pleasure a whole new ball game; you might even look forward to those nights alone. Some of the best male masturbator toys can replicate the experience of being with someone else, without all of the complications of finding that special person- these toys are always there to offer a helping hand.
Everyone that masturbates regularly will at one point or another probably get curious about different ways of doing it, improvements that can be made and so on. We have a whole selection of masturbation devices for both men and women that can range from the basic and simple to the mechanical and complex, from the discreet and tasteful to the ostentatious and bizarre, from the cheap impulse purchase to the planned investment. Whatever it is that will take your playtime to the next level, we're sure to have it. Have a look around, browse our selection and you're sure to find several items that are a perfect match for you.
Male Sex Dolls
Male sex dolls certainly aren't new to the sex toy industry, and that says something about their popularity. For the most part, male dolls have been more accurately novelty or party dolls, geared for a tongue in cheek bachelorette party favor, but the demand for anatomically correct and functional male sex dolls has been on the rise. Companies such as RealDolls have begun to meet the supply for this demand in the past few years. Doable male sex dolls aren't limited to the high-end market, especially if you're looking for something more of a twink or otherwise completely receptive male doll. Check out what we have, and see what you like.
Male Sex Toy
If you are looking for a male sex toy that will add a little bit of spice to your sex life, look no further than a male strapon. This is the perfect choice for men and women looking for a little bit of role reversal in their bedroom play. For a guy sex toys can be a little harder to find, but there are plenty of strapon options today for both men and woman to have fun with. You won't have to worry about staying power with these toys!
Male Vibrator
If you are seeking a male vibrator there are a few great options to choose from. A sleeve that fits over the shaft and a vibrating ring are both some of the most popular male vibrators that we offer. Remember that any vibrator can be a great male vibrator if it is used right; just find the right spots to stimulate on a man with the vibrations of any sex toy and you will quickly discover that vibrators really aren't just for women at all!
Man Sex Toys
For a man sex toys might seem a little bit intimidating! Why would she want a sex toy when she's got you? Why would you need one when you've got her? When you take the time to open your mind and browse all of the fun and titillating options you will discover that for men sex toy fun can be just as exciting as it is for women. Every guy can find something in our amazing selection of sex toys to suit his individual fantasies and desires.
Massive Dildos
They're big. They're huge. They're massive dildos. These gargantuan dongs are sure to please those who believe that size does matter. Whether they're based off a giant-sized porn star penis or they're a purely mythical phallus, they're truly a wonder to behold. With that in mind, you should really take into consideration just how big these things are before you buy them, otherwise you'll have an impressive but otherwise useless dildo in your toy box (assuming your toy chest can hold one of these things!) Unless you're well prepared and lubed to handle one of these giant hunks of meat, you may find that you can't even fit the tip in. Nothing is more sad than an unused toy, so make sure this is really what you want before buying.
Masturbation Sleeves
Commonly called pocket pussies, masturbation sleeves also emulate mouths, asses and generic holes. These toys are the ultimate upgrade from barehanded stroking. Some come in tubes designed to make them less awkward and more durable, and then others come naked, a molded tube that means you should probably keep the original packaging for storage. Most masturbation sleeves are made of a composite material such as Cyberskin or Senso. Fair warning: You should only use water-based lubes and you should keep them dusted with talc during storage. Masturbation sleeves tend to degenerate quickly if you don't use water-based lubes, and they tend to become sticky if you don't talc them down when you store them.
Masturbation Toys
If you want to make your private play time more exciting, nothing beats masturbation toys. We have a wide selection of masturbation products that are sure to titillate and vibrate your senses, opening new doors of sensation that weren't possible otherwise. From dildos and vibrators to masturbation sleeves, cock slings and pumps, we're sure to have any and everything you need to make your special time all the better. Check out our selection of masturbation toys and you'll see that our selection is second to none, in both quality and quantity.
No matter how satisfying your love life is, a battery operated buddy can help you to achieve a whole new level of satisfaction and contentment. Masturbators can really make time spent alone much more pleasurable. There are an incredible range of masturbation toys for both men and women to make reaching climax without a partner easier and more fun than ever before. There's no need to feel alone when you have a special friend handy to help you out whenever you need it!
Metal Butt Plugs
Metal butt plugs are a wickedly delightful addition to your anal sex tool box. In many ways, they're more versatile than some other butt plug materials, especially if you like to play a little on the dark side. First of all, metal butt plugs beautifully hold forms that are challenging for other materials, such as gems, loops and door knockers. Of course, they work out great for other additions as well, such as horse and pig tails. The more sinister beauty of metal butt plugs comes from two qualities that the other materials don't have they transfer heat coldness and electricity like no other material. Now, take these ideas and let them feed your imagination much to the chagrin of your uppity bottom!
Mini VIbrators
Mini vibes are a versatile part of your sex toy arsenal. Not only can they be used by themselves for clitoral stimulation, they can also be used to accentuate other toys by adding vibration into the mix. Mini vibrators come in a wide variety, from the standard bullets to butterflies, pocket rockets and fingertip add-ons. They're good for discreet on the sly stimulation and also come in waterproof varieties. These lovely little vibes are an essential part of a girl's survival kit, so make sure that you're not stuck in traffic without one!
Monkey Rocker
Ready to play with your box, right out of its box, the monkey rocker is one of the most perfect pleasure providers there is. Looking for on-demand anal? This little monkey can rock you to orgasmic heights that no other partner can. Simply attach your favorite dildo and climb on top of this silent rocking orgasm machine. When you move your hips, no matter how slightly, the monkey rocker deftly slides the dildo in and out at a speed that you can control. So get on board and rock the night away.
Monster Dildos
If you haven't had the chance to appreciate a monster dildo, you have no idea of what you're missing out on. But beware: The awe-inspiring spectacle of these monster dildos isn't for the faint of heart. They're kind of like landmarks such as the Grand Canyon no picture is ever going to do the real thing justice. Before you buy one, be sure to write down the measurements, get a ruler and chart them out on a piece of paper, then consider if you're ready for such a ginormous toy. If you feel daring enough, go ahead and order; you can bet that when you manage to get one of these in you, it will take your breath away.
Nipple Clamps
No BDSM toolbox is complete without one, two or ten sets of nipple clamps. Nipple clamps are the greatest, most intense form of nipple stimulation out there without going into piercing. Originally, nipple clamps were used as torture devices which took advantage of the sheer number of nerve endings in the nipple. This practice has graduated from its crude beginnings into a fine art of hard sex play, including rod clamps, screw clamps, weighted clamps and vibrating clamps. They can also be connected by a chain and worked into a shibari rope bondage scene. The possibilities of delicious pain that can be made with nipple clamps are endless.
Nipple Pumps
Are you looking for a way to enhance your nipples? Our nipple pumps create real results for those looking to enlarge their nipples. Check out our selection below!
Nipple Sucker
Are you looking to make your nipples stand to attention and demand more attention? Or perhaps you'd like to increase your nipple sensitivity? Nipple suckers that are placed directly onto your nipples heightens your sensitivity and increases the pleasure felt during nipple play. No matter how large or small your nips may be, a nipple sucker will comfortably fit over yours for a titalizing experience unlike any other you've felt before. They are great for solo play or for use with a partner!
Nipple Toys
Chastity play is a favorite game among many lifestyle fetishists. Penis cages are the male equivalent to chastity belts, and are used in the exact same way. They may of course be used during submission scenes, but Dom/mes may force their sub to wear them during the course of the sub's day. The self-consciousness and embarrassment are only part of the guilty pleasures in this game they can be used to build a higher pitch of sexual frenzy that can only be released when the beast is uncaged. When that happens is up to the one holding the keys. If this kind of play appeals to you, check out our inventory of cock cages and learn what "caged heat" really means!
Online Adult Store
Shop our online adult store to find all of the erotic toys and lifestyle accessories that you need. From realistic dildos that can fulfill you in the deepest way possible to vibrators that can ensure you hit your orgasmic peaks in record time, our online adult stores here to meet all of your most intimate needs. So be sure to pick up a glass butt plug or a new pink rabbit; fulfilling your desires is our wish.
Online Sex Shop
Feeling a little bit flirty, a lot horny, and incredibly shy? An online sex store is just the thing for you! Avoid the potential embarrassment of walking into a store to find your tantalizing passion toys and shop our online sex shop in the privacy of your own home. Carefully review online images and determine which toys will best help to fulfill your desires and your fantasies. Shopping online is safe, discreet, and will ensure that your erotic accessories are delivered right to your front door!
Online Sex Shops
Discreet, private, and safe, our online sex shops can provide you with everything that you are looking for to spice up your romance or to bring a little bit of fun into your relationship with yourself. Offering a great variety of online sex toys, you are sure to find just the thing to get your blood pumping. Are you looking for whips, handcuffs, strap-ons, or something a little more subdued? No matter your experience or level of comfort, our online sex stores can meet your passion needs.
Penis Cages
Chastity play is a form of domination that gets a lot of play, especially within the BDSM community. Cock cages are a feature for male chastity scenes. They play the same role as chastity belts do for womenthey fully encase the penis and balls to prevent any access. Central to the idea is that these are worn constantly during the designated time frame, to be unleashed with the full force of sexual frustration. As such, cock cages are typically designed with discretion in mind, though there are certainly some out there that don't take this into consideration to add the element of humiliation. If this is your game, we have a great selection of cock cages for you to check out.
Penis Enlarge
Boost your confidence in the bedroom with penis lengthening products; not only will you feel confidently assured in your abilities but you are certain to receive compliments on your male enhancement. For long-lasting results try a penis enlarge product that will help you to get the length and the girth that you are looking for. Please the ladies and yourself with the results that you achieve! Remember that size is relative but the way you feel about yourself is not!
Penis Enlargement Products
For a range of penis enlargement products, we've got you covered. Penis enhancer products should be safe and discreet so that you can achieve the maximum results; no matter if you are looking for a temporary result for fun today or a longer-lasting result that will improve your love life for an extended period of time. Life is short but you don't have to be, so seek out real penis enlargement that can get you the size that you've been dreaming of.
Penis Enlargers
There are several different ways to enlarge your penis, and we have them all. From male enhancement pills to penis pumps to penis splints, they're all here. First of all, it must be said that all these enhancements are by themselves temporary. A male enhancement pill does certainly improve things, but only for the duration of the pill. The penis pumps are much the same way. However, combining the male enhancement pills and the penis splints have shown interesting results in regard to at least extended penis enlargement. Any way about it, these products will certainly deliver penis enlargement when it really matters when you're using it.
Penis Enlargment
Guys, are you looking for a penis enlargement pump that can help to you achieve the maximum in male enhancement results? With penis enlargement products that are safe, discreet, and can provide you with an all-natural result, you will be able to enhance your love-making experience like never before. Remember that penis enlargement products won't just help you to achieve a Magnum size, they will also help you to get up and stay up for much more fun!
Penis Extenders
Although penis extenders are a fairly new invention, the idea behind these devices has been known to humans for thousands of years. This principle says that human body is designed to adapt to external stimulus. For example, in order to build big and strong muscles, people usually lift weights. Naturally, the penis responds to traction the same way that any other part of the human anatomy does. The traction device slowly stretches and lengthens the penis, which makes its cells grow, ultimately making it larger. Penis extenders provide a combination of effectiveness and safety that no other method can match. Penis surgery works, but is very dangerous (not to mention expensive too.) In contrast, penis extenders went through extensive medical testing and are clinically proven to be safe and effective.
Penis Extensions
Penis extensions are used to expand the length and/or girth of a penis, to help keep an erection, and of course to increase the pleasure for your partner. A standard penis extension is flexible and hollow, and can be simply attached to the end of your penis. They can be made from a variety of materials, and come in different shapes and sizes to suit your fancy on the average, they add from 1 to 3 inches to your penis. A penis extension is a great addition to any sex toy collection, no matter what your reason is for getting one. Whether you're self-conscious about your size or you just want to push your partner's limits, make sure you're generous with the lube!
Penis Growth
For a guy looking to increase his penis size there are an overwhelming number of options. From the male enhancement pills we all receive emails about to the surgical options that make even the ladies cringe. For a safe and all natural option, one that won't require going under the knife- yikes!, consider penis pumping products that can help you to see significant penis growth results. Forget the ole clich╚, it is possible to gain without pain!
Penis Jewelry
Penis jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles and types. From the purely decorative to the sadistic, you can dress your penis up in a lot of different ways. There are the decorative penis pendants, penis rings and scrotum shields, as well as penis plugs, scrotum cages and cock cages. They also come in a wide variety of materials, from different colored metals to leather, rubber, neoprene and latex. Whatever your taste is (or threshold, for that matter), you can make your penis a truly ornate phallic masterpiece with our selection of penis jewelry.
Penis Plugs
Penis plugs are fast becoming a hot item in the sex toys industry. Also known as Cock Plugs or Urethral Plugs, these small insertables add a jolt of sensation to everyday life. Check out the selection below.
Penis Pumps
Penis pumps have been a classic fixture in the world of men's sex toys for decades. They work on the principle that suction will increase the blood flow to your penis and make it larger, at least when it counts the most. They range from completely manual operation to electric powered suction. The sleeves in penis pumps vary significantly in material types and textures. Some penis pumps have even gotten the Medicare seal of approval for treating erectile dysfunction. The penis pumps represented here represent the top of the line products of their type.
Penis Sleeves
If you seriously want to bring your sex play to a new level, penis sleeves are an awesome way to accomplish this. Any penis extension can amplify your length and girth, but there is also a wide variety of ribbed, bumped and textured sleeves that can really take your partner's breath away. Whichever type of penis sleeve you choose, you ca be certain that using one will raise the bar of intense pleasure in your sex play. An added bonus is that the pleasure's not all theirs, either. Several penis sleeves have interior texturing, so that you're not left in the lurch in this new world of heightened pleasure. The sheer variety of penis sleeves can be overwhelming, so take your time in choosing the right one for you.
Penis Slings
Penis slings are basically cock rings with an added feature: They tickle the taint. That's right, that little area between the penis and the anus, which you may not know is an extremely erogenous zone, is an incredible source of pleasure. They use a tongue that extends back over the perineum and bats and massages it as you go. The net result is that it not only increases your pleasure during sex, but it also greatly emphasizes the size of your package. The most popular models are made of silicone, which makes them much easier to put on and take off. If you don't have one already, they are definitely worth looking into!
Penis Stretcher
Want to enhance your love-making experiences? Or are you just looking for a little more self-confidence between the sheets? A penis stretcher can help you to see the growth that you have been looking for. Your partner will certainly notice when you have been using penis stretching products to get the added length. Reach for new heights when you use a penis stretch device; safe, discreet and all natural, you'll be blown away by the results.
Penis Vibrator
A penis vibrator is a fun way to buzz both of you to orgasm in no time at all; slip on a vibrating cock ring that stimulates her clit while offering you a vibrating good time. Penis toys are perfect for spicing up your love life. Guys, if you are looking for solo toys, a vibrating sleeve can bring you to orgasmic bliss faster than you can say é─˙can I buy you a drink.é─¨ No matter what you are looking for, there is a vibrating penis toy made for you.
Penis Toys

Personal Lubricant
Slip it up, slide it in and enjoy personal lubricant whether home alone or with a friend. Using lubricant with a partner will increase the intensity of the act in a wide variety of ways. Some personal lubricants are specially designed for cold or hot sensations, others just taste great. Probably the most essential part of any solo or partnered play, personal lubricant is a must have that you just cannot be without. Enjoy a variety or stick to an old favorite whatever you've got that needs to be slippery when wet, we have you covered.
Personal Vibrators
The vibrator has come a long way from its beginning as a therapeutic device. Originally, personal vibrators were created to treat female hysteria. The so-called disease proved to be bogus and faded into history, but personal vibrators stayed around and created a new industry based on the principles of self-pleasure. Now they come in many shapes and sizes, from the tiny little clit vibrators to the gigantic Sybian machine, and nearly every shape and size in between. They come in every sex toy material in the market, from inexpensive jellies to magnificent glass. Our personal vibrators are the best in the market, and you're sure to find complete ecstasy in whatever choice you make.
Personal Vibrators
Personal vibrators are a must-have for a woman in touch with her pleasure zones. The type of personal vibe that you pick out depends entirely on your personal preference. Are you looking for realistic vibrators that can give you the full penetration sensation, hitting your g-spot and buzzing you in all the right places? Or are you looking for vibrator for clitoral stimulation only? Quiet vibrators that offer variable speeds can flame your passion while ensuring powerful orgasms.
Pink Dildo
Girly girls who love all things pink will scream with pleasure when they bring home a pink dildo fit for all orgasmic occasions. Your will quickly satisfy your desire for pink and for satisfying your pink parts with a long and realistic dildo that hits all the right spots. If you've had your full of pink, consider a purple dildo for a bit of extra fun. Realistic and textured, you're sure to find that going solo is as much fun as it is to partner up!
Pleasure Chest
There are several key items that no pleasure chest should be without. Your collection of erotic toys and sex accessories should include at least one fantastic vibrator; for a bit of variety, and to ensure that all of your bits are stimulated, consider a multi-function vibrator. Several other pleasure toys that should be included in your stash include a realistic dildo, or two. Consider having a few sizes on hand, just to help mix up the fun a little bit. Anal beads and a good water-based lube are two other must-haves!
Pocket Pussy
For men who enjoy the visual look of the real thing even when the real thing isn't handy, the pocket pussy is the perfect pussy toy for a little bit of private fun. With options that vibrate and have more than one juicy opening to replicate the pleasure you could get from a real woman, these realistic pussy toys take masturbation to a whole new level and give you something fun to look at when you are alone.
Pocket Rocket Vibrator
There is nothing more discreet than a small vibrator that you can take with you anywhere that you go. The pocket rocket vibrator is small but incredibly powerful and can help you to reach intense orgasms just as well as any of its larger counterparts could. A finger vibrator that slips over the fingertip and can be used for all kinds of stimulation is another quick and discreet option for the lady on the go.
Prostate Massagers
Prostate massagers are great for men who want to take their orgasm beyond marvelous and into the transcendental. Those daring gents who have tried it know what the big deal is. Those who haven't tried it don't know what they're missing. Men have two sexual pleasure centers aside from the brain, of course and the prostate can only be reached by going a couple of inches past the anus. While this contributes to the common myth that prostate massage is restricted to gay man, this couldn't be further from the truth. Many heterosexual men have learned that prostate massage can give them the most incredible orgasms of their lives, and know that enjoying ass play makes no difference to one's sexual orientation
Prostate Vibrator
Tickle your fancy and achieve the heights of orgasm with a prostate vibrator that can help you with those hard to reach places. A bit of prostate play is not exclusively for the dudes who like dudes; no matter your sexual orientation, a prostate massager can introduce gents to a new level of orgasm that could not otherwise be achieved. Find out what you've been missing out on and turn a humdrum evening into an experience to be enjoyed a repeated!
Pussy Pumps
Pussy pumps are a relative newcomer in the world of sex toys. They were originally developed for women that had difficulty getting aroused prior to intercourse, and even got FDA approval for this goal. Whether or not they work for that purpose isn't clear; women are complex creatures, after all. One thing is for certain, though: They will definitely heighten your sensitivity to new levels as they pump and engorge your pussy with vital blood. They work by creating a seal over your vulva. When the air is pumped out, blood is drawn into your vital pleasure centers. Think of it as being the female equivalent of a penis pump, and you're on the right track.
Rabbit Dildos
Few sensations can measure up to being filled and tickled at the same time. Trust our Rabbit dildos to provide you with that one of a kind pleasure and reliability. Rabbit dildos represent the height of dual stimulation by providing direct clitoral stimulation (those cute little bunny ears serve a very naughty purpose) as well as the pulsing, vibratory sensation of the ultimate G-spot massage. Just like all of our vibrating dildos, there are a variety of options to choose from among these hot toys. Of course, if you're like many ladies (or guys shopping for their lady friends), the classic pearl-filled shafts of the original Rabbit will suit you just fine!
Rabbit Sex Toy
Amongst frisky women, there may be no other sex toy on the planet that pleases more than the rabbit sex toy. The classic rabbit pearl vibrator provides simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation, ensuring that she has incredibly intense and long-lasting orgasms. The classic rabbit is still amongst the most popular toys on the market. Whether this is her first time using it, or her hundredth time delving into the rabbit, the orgasms are sure to be just as intense.
Rabbit Vibrators
TV's Sex and the City made a household name out of what was already the most popular and sexiest vibrator out there. The Rabbit Vibrator has been buzzing women to orgasm for years, and is one of the few sex toys that have gone practically mainstream. It's one the most popular triple-action toys on the market, designed to simultaneously stimulate the vagina, pulse against the G-spot and tickle the clitoris. These battery-powered Japanese toys got their start because it was illegal to create an anatomically correct phallus, which created a huge market for fanciful dildos in the cutest (and most grotesque) shapes imaginable. Of course, the extra clitoral stimulation certainly helped them sell!
Real Life Sex Dolls
When you think of sex dolls you may have a mental image of something rather unattractive and not particularly pleasurable. However, the new real life sex dolls will certainly change your mind about love dolls. A real life sex doll is the next best thing to having a partner right there with you. The soft materials, quality craftsmanship and the attention to detail put into these dolls will ensure that they keep you from ever feeling lonely.
Real Love Dolls
If you have yet to find your soul mate, there is no sexual partner more enjoyable or pleasing than a real love doll. The incredibly realistic design of the love dolls available in our catalog makes them the ultimate sex toy. Real love dolls can do just about anything that your fantasies might include, even a few things that you might struggle convincing your partner to do. These ready and willing silicone dolls could just be perfect partner!
Real Sex Dolls
Although real sex dolls are usually thought of as sex toys that men enjoy, there is no reason that a woman can't experience the same pleasure. You might be surprised to hear that there are erotic sex dolls for women too. A real sex doll can give every woman just what she wants- a partner who is truly there just for her pleasure and is never finished before she is. Don't let the men have all of the fun; there are great sex dolls for women too!
Realistic Dildos
Realistic vibrators are made for intense, toe curling fun, either solo or with partners. While we have a large assortment of vibrators in all shapes, sizes and colors, if you want a battery powered cock with just the right punch, realistic vibrators are the way to go. Offering the look and feel of a true to life penis but the high energy power of a vibrator, these pleasure pals are sure to make you jump for joy. Enjoy the powerful vibrations of your favorite sized vibrator with all the sensations of a lifelike cock.
The answer to every man's prayers--toy vaginas or "pocket pussies!" These are a subset of male masturbation toys often called "masturbation sleeves," which also includes simulated mouths, asses and just plain holes. Top of the line products in the fake pussy market include the Autoblow and the Fleshlight. These come in a variety of internal textures and different shapes, from a simple tube that you stroke with to detailed molds cast from celebrity porn stars. One of the things to observe when you buy one of these products is that you must use natural or water-based lubricants, since oil or silicone-based lubes will ruin silicone or Cyberskin materials.
Realistic Sex Toys
Amongst the most incredible and realistic sex toys in our catalog are the silicone dolls that replicate real life. A realistic sex doll is available in every shape and size, making it very likely that there is a doll to fit to make your fantasies come true. There is nothing quite like a realistic love doll for the ultimate sex toy experience; certainly no other toy on the market can even come close to providing the varied pleasure of an incredible life like doll.
Realistic Vibrators
Realistic vibrators are made for intense, toe curling fun, either solo or with partners. While we have a large assortment of vibrators in all shapes, sizes and colors, if you want a battery powered cock with just the right punch, realistic vibrators are the way to go. Offering the look and feel of a true to life penis but the high energy power of a vibrator, these pleasure pals are sure to make you jump for joy. Enjoy the powerful vibrations of your favorite sized vibrator with all the sensations of a lifelike cock.
Rechargeable Vibrators
Everyone's been there at some point or another. Hot, horny and ready, only to find that your vibrator is out of juice even when you're not. A rechargeable vibrator is the answer to preventing that from happening. Offering the powerful, intense vibrations of their battery powered counterparts in a consistent and unflagging pulse, these great toys recharge quickly for any-time play. They make great gifts that last and are guaranteed to put a spring in their step and a smile on their face. Best of all, no more searching for replacement batteries!
Remote Controlled Vibrator
Your orgasmic experience with vibrator doesn't have to be hands on activity. With remote control vibrators you can get your partner excited from across the room. A fun remote control vibrator is also perfect for when you want to have a little secret fun no matter where you are. Remote vibrators come in many different shapes and sizes and are all discreet and powerful enough to give you pleasure at the touch of a button.
Remote Vibrator
Ladies are you looking for a bit of discreet fun? Take home a remote control vibrator that will do all of the work for you; adjust the speeds using the remote control and just lay back to enjoy the orgasms. A wireless vibrator is not just for enjoying time alone. To add a level of excitement, give your partner the remote and let someone else take control of the speed and intensity. A remote vibrator could just turn a dinner party into a very interesting evening!
Rubber Dildos
Rubber dildos have set the standard in the sex toy world, and with good reason. The possibilities are virtually endless in choices and you can find any style you want. Our rubber dildos are all made of the best materials, with the shapes, sizes and feel that you want and need. Penetration lovers rejoice! With so many different styles to choose from, you've found your little slice of dildo heaven on earth. Whether you're having fun with a partner or enjoying some much needed alone time, rubber dildos offer fantastic pleasure on hand.
Sex Dolls
On demand fun just got much easier. Our selection of sex dolls will have you considering never going back to the bar again. Find any style of girl you want with all the functions you want and need in sex dolls. Having a woman who will never have a headache and won't be squeamish about trying whatever it is you want her to do is within your grasp and as easy as choosing one from our assortment of sex dolls. Better yet? Looking for a fella? We've got what you need in equal opportunity, on demand sex.
Sex Furniture
Want a new way to explore new sexual positions? Our selection of sex furniture may be just what you're looking for. This collection of wedges, slings and other furnishings are designed to bring comfort to the most entertaining sexual positions. Forget using pillows or the edge of the bed to get those hard to reach angles; these positioners can achieve better results with more comfort. Another great feature about our sex furniture is that if you like to play a little on the dark side, many of them lend themselves well to bondage. If you haven't tried any of these sexual furnishings, you really have no idea of what you're missing.
Sex Lube
Sex lubes come in so many different varieties, it's hard to know where to start. There are oil based lubes, water based lubes and silicone based lubes. There are flavored lubes, warming lubes and tingling lubes. Here are a few lube pointers to help you choose the right lube for your needs. Oil based lubes are mainly useful for anal sex, but shouldn't be used with latex or silicone. That's right, you'd have to ride bareback or use vinyl condoms with oil based lubes. Water based lubes go well with everything, the only problem is that it can dry out faster than the other types. Silicone lube is a relative newcomer. It lasts far longer than water based lubes, but you don't want to use it with silicone toys.
Sex Machines
Sex machines. You may have seen videos of them in action, but do they really exist on the consumer market, or is all this only a demented basement scientist's brainchild? The answers to all of these questions is yes. Many of the sex machines you may have seen in these strange viral videos are home made, but never fear, you can actually buy them from manufacturers in the sex toy industry. This is a good thing, since the problem with the home made blenders-turned-sex-machines is that they aren't held to any safety standards. You could be tempting fate by using them. Here we have a selection of tried and true sex machines, without the risk of home made devices.
Sex Shops
Celebrate your sexuality and browse our sex store for the finest selection of erotic aids and lifestyle accessories. Our sex shops policy of protecting the privacy of our customers is one that we hold up high, along with our discreet shipping packaging. So settle in and take your time visiting our online sex shops catalog; you may find exactly what you are looking for, along with a few extra goodies that you didn't even know that you needed!
Sex Swings
Sex swings are a great way to explore new territory in your sex life. They allow for new positions, new angles, and can bring a delicious sense of "free-fall" to your erotic experience. Sex swings can open up areas of your partner that may have been difficult to explore before. They also make a great addition to fetish, bondage and S&M scenes. Not all sex swings need to be drilled into the ceiling--some can be attached to a door or come with a frame to hang from. Whatever you want in a sex swing, you can find here.
Sex Toy Catalog
Are you looking for a sex tool to help you get the job done? Whether you plan on flying solo or taking on a co-pilot for the adventure, our sex toy catalog is bound to have something to meet all of your needs. With adult products that range from the sweetly sensual to the down and dirty, there is something for everyone. No matter what your level of experience or level of comfort, our catalog is chock full of toys and fun accessories to get your motor running.
Sex Toy Kits

Sex Toy Shops
Browse our sex toy shop for a tantalizing selection of the best toys and lifestyle accessories there are. With a focus and a wish to fulfill your deepest desires, our sex toy stores offerings of multi-function vibrators for clitoral and vaginal stimulation can get your night off to an orgasmic start. No fantasy is too outlandish, no desire for pleasure too taboo, our sex toy shops focus is on your satisfaction. Allow us to be your silent partner in achieving the most satisfying orgasms!
Sex Toys For Boys
For sex toys men will love, consider an assortment of masturbation aids that can make flying solo a whole new experience. A vibrating cock ring is a great toy that will satisfy both you and your partner. Prostate massagers, along with an anal plug, make great surprise gift sex toys for him. For a few other ideas for sex toys for boys, consider a realistic love doll that can provide the softness of a partner with the on-demand need that today's busy guy is looking for.
Couples Toys
Sex toys for couples are an ideal way to spice up things in the bedroom. Regardless of whether things have started getting ho-hum or if you are simply feeling adventurous, our selection of couples toys is bound to have something new for you to play with. From the slightly adventurous to the sinister and naughty, we have the goods to bring the two of you closer together in the most intimate ways. Check things out, shop around, and compare notes. It's far better for the two of you to both find something you like than to risk the disaster of a surprise gone wrong.
Sex Toys For Lesbians
Ladies, enjoy a much higher level of pleasure and intimacy with your girl when you pick from an array of fun sex toys for lesbians. From strapless strap ons that ensure both ladies are full and satisfied to an assortment of vibrators that can stimulate all of her senses at once. Sex toys for girls could include several fun vibrators, including a multi-functional vibrator that stimulates both her g-spot and her clitoris all at once.
Mens Toys
For many years, men's sex toys weren't given serious attention. While innovations for women's toys skyrocketed into the future, men were pretty much stuck with silly inflatable dolls and inferior grade cock pumps. In the past few years, men's toys have made a virtual Renaissance in the adult sex toy industry, with a growing selection of masturbation sleeves, new technologies in sex dolls and cock pumps. Also, men's minds have opened to new possibilities with prostate massage, which has created a whole line of prostate massage devices guaranteed to blow the roof off of your play time. Spend some time looking around at our selection of men's sex toys, and you're sure to find your new favorite personal time toy.
Sex Toys For Sale
With sex toys cheap enough to fit every budget, you will delight at what we can offer you. Are you looking for something just a little bit naughty or something that will help you show your sub just who is boss? We have the best new sex toys that can introduce you to new ways of finding pleasure, all shopped for in the privacy of your own home. When it comes to sex toys for sale, we've got what you desire to get down and dirty in the most delicious ways possible.
Sex Toys Stores
Surprise your special someone with a shopping spree in our sex toys store! No matter what their deepest and most intimate fantasies may be, we've got something to make those fantasies an erotic reality. Browse our sex toys stores catalog to find something titillating or something just a little bit naughty. From discreet vibrators to realistic dildos that can pleasure all night long, our sex toys shop will have what you are looking for! Get a little bit dirty, get a lot flirty, and find something to fire up the flames of your passion.
Sex Toys Wholesale
Looking for sex toys online that are orgasm-inducing without being wallet-reducing? Our wholesale adult toys are priced right to hit your budget just as well as they will hit your g-spot. If you are looking for the best prices, our sex toys wholesale pricing is sure to satisfy even the most frugal flirt. So pick out a set of anal beads or a brand new realistic dildo; it's time to indulge in a few fantasies!
Sex Vibrators
Double up on your pleasure and your fun by including a sex vibrator into your between-the-sheets action. Sex vibrators can stimulate your clit while your partner gets your g-spot roaring or they can be used alone to ensure that you climax before your partner gets in on the action. Use your vibrators as a way to increase your fun and enhance your experiences, or as a solo act to release just a little bit of tension.
With the sensual soft feeling of a live sexual partner, inflatable dolls have all of the right holes in the right places. Ready when you are and ready to keep going until you are done with her, sexdolls can sometimes be the perfect bedmate. She won't complain if you ask for oral, or for anal. She'll simply lay back and open wide to help you take care of your needs! Whether you are looking for a sexdoll to enhance the nights you're flying solo, or as a fun gag gift for a bachelor party, we have just what you're looking for!
What is your fantasy? What would you like to try, at least once? Our sexshop has a wide array of sextoys that can make just about any fantasy a sexy reality. Pick out a sextoy that will vibrate, thrust, gently massage, and glide into place; no matter what your pleasure, we've got a toy for that. Experiment a bit with backdoor pleasure; if you've never tried it before, you might just be pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoy it!
Sexual Toys
Spice up your relationship with a range of fun sexy toys that can introduce you and your partner to new ideas and new pleasure zones. Shopping together for sex toys online can get you discussing new ideas that are sure to give you something to look forward to. Sexual toys can include the frisky, the naughty, the daring, and even let you open up about your innermost fantasies! Longing to let someone else take control? Or looking to explore new areas? There is a toy or an accessory fit for you!
Sexy Toy
Triple up on your lusty fun with Xxx toys suitable for every occasion, and every position. For a sexy toy that will get your ladies going, consider a realistic vibrator that will curl her toes and send her to new orgasmic highs. For the ultimate in sexy, shop our catalog of warming lubes that are the perfect way to comfortably play with a set of anal beats or a prostate massager. Remember, there is no fantasy too wild and no desire too large for us to help fulfill!
Sexy Extras

Silent Vibrator
Discreet fun is a reality with silent vibrators that can quietly get you to orgasmic bliss without anyone knowing. An internally used egg vibrator, discreetly buzzing away, can put a smile on your face like no other. A silent vibrator that can send you over the orgasm mountain again and again is a must-have for the girl on the go. Perhaps a finger vibrator that silently gets the job done is the better option for you? Or what about a pair of vibrating panties that silently tickle your fancy while you are out and about?
Silicone Butt Plug
Some people feel more comfortable with ass toys have a little "give" to them, and silicone butt plugs may the answers to their prayers. The silicone material can more easily enable you to feel the fullness of the toy without feeling like you're in danger of tearing. It's also a wonderfully durable material that can be cast into different shapes, allowing for a wide variety of ass play experiences. This makes silicone a great material for hollow models, so you can use egg or bullet vibes to increase your pleasure. Silicone is also a very easily cleaned material. It's non-porous and doesn't have any hidden crevices. Check out our selection for something you like!
Silicone Dildos
Silicone is an awesome and versatile material, especially for sex toys. Silicone dildos are firm, but with more
Silicone Love Dolls
With the incredible realistic sensation of a silicone love doll, you may just be able to think that you are loving the real thing. Designed for the ultimate in pleasure both in sensation and in appearance, silicone love dolls are worth every penny when it comes to alone time that is anything but lonely. These dolls can look exactly the way you want them to and fulfill every fantasy that you can dream up. And they are always ready, willing, and able.
Silicone Sex Dolls
There are a wide variety of silicone sex toys available in our online catalog. This versatile material is so soft, lifelike and pleasurable. Although basic toys like realistic dildos are often made of silicone, this material can do a lot more. Silicone sex dolls are certainly an incredibly advanced toy that offer the look and feel of silicone. A silicone sex doll is incredibly realistic and incredibly pleasurable to use, much like all silicone toys are.
Slave Collars
Slave collars are a staple in the BDSM scene. Whether you like to play doggy or pony training, or you simply like leading (or being led!) on a leash, there's no replacement for a slave collar. Dog collars such as you can buy in a store aren't made for this kind of play, and can leave red marks or stains on the skin. Unless you don't mind having some explaining to do at the office, it's best to stick with collars that are made for slave play, and we have the greatest selection you're going to come across.
Small Butt Plugs
For the more delicate fans of ass play out there, small butt plugs are a sweet way to ease yourself into play time. If your loved one has expressed interest but is concerned about exploring back door pleasures, the smaller pieces will ease the transition into the naughty world of butt play. Most first timers need a gentle introduction, and our selection of small butt plugs are just the thing to train them up to the larger sizes. They're also great for comfortable extended insertion, so you can prolong the play without undue discomfort.
Small Vibrator
A small vibrator that is small enough to slip into your purse, or into anywhere you may want it to be, is a must-have for the woman in touch with her sensual side. A silver bullet vibrator is a discreet way to achieve incredible orgasms without much effort at all. For something new, try the cone vibrator! This innovative hands-free vibrator doesn't penetrate all the way but it does offer a fully satisfied orgasm experience.
Spanking Machines
If you're into spanking, can you just imagine the possibilities of having a spanking machine? No matter what your level of play is, from sensual love pats to hardcore CP play, a spanking machine can deliver in a way that can really keep the sub guessing. If you're a lifestyler, imagine this: the Dom can make the sub deliver their own punishment over the phone with a spanking machine! This is definitely a fine investment for the committed players. Take your time picking what you really want, and prepare for a new level of spank play!
Squirting Dildo
For a fun and realistic dildo that leaves absolutely nothing up to your imagination, try a squirting dildo. Whether you use warm water or concoct your own recipe, the delicious feeling of warm release inside of you is something that just can't be ignored. Gently squeeze the squirt dildo bulb and enjoy your own orgasm as you feel the powerful squirting inside of you. Remember to keep the water just this side of warm in order to avoid scalding yourself!
Squirting Dildos
Squirting dildos are fun sex toys if you're looking for the sensation of someone cumming inside of you. They have a hollow tube running through them, usually leading to a squeeze bulb that you can use to make them cum again and again (too bad the real thing doesn't usually work on demand or shoot this much!) Many squirting dildos come with recipes to make fake cum, but the safest alternative is plain old warm water. It doesn't provide that nice spunky visual, but it does protect you from possible infections and makes them easier to clean. We have a great variety of squirting dildos here
Stainless Steel Butt Plug
Stainless steel butt plugs are a wickedly delightful addition to your anal sex tool box. In many ways, they're more versatile than some other butt plug materials, especially if you like to play a little on the dark side. First of all, metal butt plugs beautifully hold forms that are challenging for other materials, such as gems, loops and door knockers. Of course, they work out great for other additions as well, such as horse and pig tails. The more sinister beauty of metal butt plugs comes from two qualities that the other materials don't have they transfer heat coldness and electricity like no other material. Now, take these ideas and let them feed your imagination much to the chagrin of your uppity bottom!
Strap On Dildos
Strap-on dildos aren't just for lesbians anymore, though they're still a huge favorite. Many completely heterosexual couples out there play with "role-reversal"--where it's the man's turn to be on the receiving end. Strap-ons come in many shapes and sizes, so ultimately it's completely up to you what you want. Many harnesses will accommodate nearly any dildo out there that has a flat base. In fact, contrary to what you may believe, strap-ons can provide incredible stimulation for the wearer, using either a bullet vibe or a dildo for the wearer. In fact, even the ones that don't have a handy place for a bullet vibe can accommodate a butterfly or other clit vibrator underneath. Have a look at our selection and find the one that will suit you best.
Strap On For Men
Whether looking to experiment with new sizes, or looking to double her fun, a strap on for men can be a lot of fun! A high quality male strap on can let you go the distance as many times as your partner requests; with a comfortable harness, you'll be allowed hours of thrusting pleasure without risk of chafing or even falling asleep afterwards. Double the delight with a strap on that allows for double penetration; after all, double your pleasure, double your fun!
Strap On Penis
Does your partner have fantasies of experiencing something extremely larger than you? Don't get offended; instead strap on a hallow strap on that will comfortably accommodate your erection while you make her fantasies a pleasurable reality. If she is looking to go bottoms up and double her fun with dual penetration then consider a strap on penis for a bit of anal play. Let your saucy minx experience all of her fantasies, she is sure to reciprocate!
Strap On Sex Toys
Add some realism to your rocking nights with a realistic strap on that thrusts just like the real thing. Strap on sex toys are perfect for two ladies, two gents, or for a couple just looking to add a bit more excitement and variety into their sex life. With life-like coloring and texture, you won't know the difference. So bottoms up, legs away, and see just how many times you can achieve orgasm; odds are you'll be all petered out before your partner is!
Strap On Toys
Strap on toys can take your sensual experience to a much higher orgasm level. If you are a flirty female looking to please your lady with a realistic strap on dildo, you won't receive any complaints when you take care of her needs. Guys can enjoy strap on vibrators, too. Whether pleasing their woman with a strap on that can go the distance, or doing double-duty with a strap on that allows for a bit of anal fun, there is an option for every sexual encounter.
Strap On Vibrator
Turn up the thrills with a vibrating strap on that can ensure multiple orgasms for both of you. No longer long and mysteriously located, your vibrating toy can quickly stimulate her g-spot to toe-curling pleasure. Shake, rattle, and thrust your way into the ultimate pleasure zones with a strap on vibrator. For a bit of extra fun use your vibrating strap on for a bit of double-duty action. Your options with using a vibrating toy are only as limited as your naughty imagination is.
Strap Ons
Many people think of strap-ons as purely lesbian sex toys. The fact is, they're not just limited to lesbiansé─ţmany heterosexual couples indulge in a little role-reversal, where the man gets to experience what it's like. Another misconception about strap-ons is that the woman doesn't get anything more than a psychological kick out of it. In all actuality, many quality strap-ons allow for dildos to be inserted in the wearer, as well as having convenient niches for bullet vibes. Really good strap-on harnesses can accommodate nearly any dildo with a flared base, which cushions the wearer's pelvic bone and prevents bruising. We have plenty of types of strap-ons, so be sure to check them all out before you buy.
Strapless Dildo
A small dildo is the perfect accessory for discreet use; slip one into your nightstand and it'll be ready to go when you are. For a bit of extra girl-powered fun perhaps a strapless dildo will make your lady squeal with delight. If you are looking for a bachelorette party gift consider giving the political fan in your life the presidential seal of approval with an Obama dildo that is sure to elevate her to the head of state.
Strapless Strap On
If fumbling with straps is just killing the mood for you and your partner you should consider a strapless strap on that can get you the near instant results that you're looking for. A strapless strapon is ready to slip in when you're both ready and can give the two of you intense penetration stimulation that will leave you experiencing fantastic orgasms. A strapon harness is not for everyone, so if you prefer a quicker method of getting into the rhythm then look into a strapless option.
Strapon Anal
Gents, buy a strap on anal toy that can give your lady the double-action that she has been begging for. A strapon anal dildo that can be switched out with dildos of different sizes is the best way to ease your willing lady into the experience. Take it slow, use a lot of lube, and she is sure to enjoy it as much as you will! Perhaps get started with a thin dildo or a set of fun anal beads.
Suction Cup Dildos
Suction cup dildos are awesome for a great number of uses. They're obviously great for attaching to a wall, the floor or a table so you can ride it hands-free, but that's just the start. You can also use them in strap on harnesses; in fact, some harnesses are specifically made for suction cup dildos. They're available in several different materials and inflatable, jelly, latex and silicone, and you can find them in a wide variety of shapes and textures. Look around, and you're sure to find one that fits your bill.
Suction Dildo
Turn your shower into a place of pure pleasure when you take your favorite toy into the shower for a bit of dirty fun. With a suction dildo you can attach your toy either to the wall or the floor and let yourself have wild hands free fun. Suction cup dildos stick perfectly to any hard and flat surface to allow you to take your wild orgasm ride to just about any room in your house!
Sybian Machines
Sybian machines are a favorite running gag on the Howard Stern show, and for good reason. They're designed to be ridden and used hands-free. Because you can change the different attachments and motions, it is a highly versatile toy. At the most basic level, they're great toys for clitoral stimulation, and you can change the attachments to take advantage of the rotating and vibrating actions. There's also a world of potential for the bondage crowd. Imagine being tied down to one of these things! This toy is definitely an investment in pleasure, and well worth the money you'll pay for it!
Sybian Sex Machine
A high-end must-have for any woman serious about her pleasure, a Sybian sex machine can get the stimulation started and the orgasms rolling. A hands-free device that allows a woman to straddle a dildo of her size choice, the Sybians primary appeal is that the user controls the speed, the intensity, and the duration of her experience. Take your occasional orgasm to the next level and ensure that you have a multi-orgasmic experience each and every time.
Sybian Sex Toy
For incredibly intense orgasms, hop on board the Sybian sex toy; with dual stimulation that offers both clitoral stimulation and deep rotating penetration, it is sure to take the ladies to new heights of orgasm. Ride your way to new orgasmic levels that will make this your absolute new favorite toy. If riding is something you enjoy then oral sex toys might just make for a new experience. With a range of tongue teasing delights, you will find something worthy of wagging your tongue about.
Tens Unit
If electro stimulation is something that you find particularly arousing, then a TENS unit might just be the thing for you. A TENS unit works by applying a very low frequency electrical pulse directly into the area where the electrodes are placed. Most often used for muscle stimulation in physical therapy patients, with the right modified electrodes it can be a source of great pleasure for both men and women alike. Start with a very low frequency, no matter if you are using it vaginally or anally. It is always best to build yourself up to a higher tolerance than to over shock your body right off the bat!
The Best Vibrator
Batteries will be a thing of the past with a USB vibrator that never needs charging. Plug in your passion to a whole new level of fun with a fun toy that gives you several options for vibration speeds and pulses. If you are looking for something that will give you a little more mobility, consider wireless vibrators that can be operated with a remote. Get a little bit frisky and give the remote and total control over to your partner. It will sure make cooking dinner a surprising and exciting experience for both of you! For the best vibrator for your passion needs, select one that can give you both vaginal and clitoral orgasms. After all, why settle for just one kind!
The Rabbit Sex Toy
The Rabbit dildo is one fun bunny. Offering a very stimulating thrusting sensation while massaging your g-spot and your clit at the same time, the Rabbit sex toy is a must-have for your toy box. Your vibrator will pump away with stamina that lasts as long as you need it to. Waterproof with beads that twirl and spin inside of you, offering the most intimate of massages to your pleasure zones, you will find that this little Rabbit is as fun in the shower as it is in bed.
Thick Dildos
Most ladies prefer a thick cock over a long one. You can't exactly shop around for this in the clubs, but thankfully you can shop around for thick dildos here. Materials can vary between glass, rubber, jelly, silicone and other "real feel" materials, and styles can range from anatomically correct to the outright bizarre. No matter what kind of material you prefer, if you want to be stretched and stuffed to the limit, thick dildos are the answer to your desires. Our selection of thick dildos have what you're looking for, so have a look around and you're sure to find the perfect thick cock for you!
Thrusting Vibrator
Get the sensation of full satisfaction with thrusting vibrators that push in all the right g-spot places while vibrations stimulate you toward the ultimate in orgasms. A thrusting vibrator, like the rabbit vibes, is a popular choice for a good reason. Ladies have long since learned that a thrusting dildo is one of the best ways to stimulate their g-spots and their clitoris at the same time. Feel your new toy thrusting realistically inside of you, in a manner that you can control, and take yourself to new heights of passion.
Tongue Vibrator
Turn cunnilingus into more than just a fancy word; turn it into a toe-curling, leg-shaking, body trembling experience that deserves to be repeated. With a tongue vibrator that slips over your tongue while you slip her the tongue, she is certain to be pleasantly surprised. Experiment with different speeds and different rhythms to find the one that works best for her. Tongue vibrators are a sure way to turn her legs into jello, leave her heart racing and her hand guiding you back for more.
Top Sex Toys
In the market for the top rated sex toys? If a bit of BSDM is where your erotic lust lies then the top sex toys for you will be a non-sticky bondage tape that will bind and restrain without causing any undue pain when removed. If anal play is where you're headed, then a set of fun anal beads and an anal vibrator can get your fun off to the right start. Ladies will enjoy from a selection of clit vibrators that will leave their legs shaking as they beg for more.
Toys Adult
Toys adults will find pleasing to add to their pursuit of pleasure include realistic dildos that look and, most importantly, feel like the real thing. There are many other types of toys for sex that can be used on their own to achieve fantastic orgasms, or they can be used with your partner to help them learn more about your pleasure zones. When it comes to the inclusion of toys, sex can only get better. Use a vibrator to stimulate her clit or a prostate probe to gently massage his prostate; your choices in toys are as nearly endless as your desire for orgasms are.
Toys For Her
There are so many great possibilities out there for womens toys. So many toys are available for womens sex play, from sex furniture to dildos and strap-ons. If you're on the more kinky side, our selection of spanking machines and bondage gear is an ideal addition to your collection of sex toys. There's virtually no limit of pleasure that you can't find among our toys, whether you're shopping for a clit stimulator, a good strap-on, or anything in between!
Toys For Him
For many years, men's sex toys weren't given serious attention. While innovations for women's toys skyrocketed into the future, men were pretty much stuck with silly inflatable dolls and inferior grade cock pumps. In the past few years, men's toys have made a virtual Renaissance in the adult sex toy industry, with a growing selection of masturbation sleeves, new technologies in sex dolls and cock pumps. Also, men's minds have opened to new possibilities with prostate massage, which has created a whole line of prostate massage devices guaranteed to blow the roof off of your play time. Spend some time looking around at our selection of men's sex toys, and you're sure to find your new favorite personal time toy.
Trojan Vibrations
Trojan Vibrations offers a multi-speed vibrator with multi-tips to ensure a completely customized orgasmic experience. With the three interchangeable tips that can apply sensations to drive the user mad with desire, the Tri-Phoria from the Trojan Vibration line also offers pleasure seekers five speeds that can let them tease and tantalize slowly or jump right into a rocking orgasm mode. With multiple pulsing patterns, this Trojan toy offers an almost limitless number of ways to please yourself or your partner.
Trojan Vibrator
Trying something new with a Trojan vibrator that will offer both of you incredibly intense pleasure; her orgasms will be more intense, and more frequent while he'll find it a whole new experience vibrating his way to climax! A Trojan vibrating ring is soft and pliable so that it can stretch to accommodate any size, without risk of breaking or choking the fun out of you. Stock up now! With a high intensity vibration that will last up to an hour, you'll be sure to want to repeat the experience. Again, and again.
Vagina Pumps
Do you have days where it takes you a bit more than the usual to get in the mood? Does no amount of foreplay get you there? Or are you just looking for a new way to intensify your pleasure? Then you absolutely need a vagina pump! These plastic domes fit over your pussy, and you simply squeeze the bulb to pump it up and encourage the blood flow to your bits. This increases the intensity of your sensations and the pleasure in your play time! Though their effectiveness as a therapeutic device is debatable since women's systems are so complex, one thing's for sure: your pussy will appreciate the attention!
Vagina Toys
Ladies, are you looking for a great vagina toy that will give your love muscle a fantastic workout? Select a multi-functional vibrator or a realistic dildo to rock your world and introduce you to the best there is in multi-orgasmic experiences. Gentlemen, if you are looking for vagina toys that will simulate the look and feel of the real thing then we have just what you are looking for. Slip into one of these beauties and remember that snuggling isn't required after!
Vaginal Balls
Vaginal balls have been called by many names by many cultures across the world. Ben Wa balls, Benoit balls, Burmese balls, Geisha balls...By whatever name, they are marble-size balls, sometimes connected by a string, that are meant to be placed in the vagina. A large number of people leave them in place until the moment of orgasm, when they swiftly pull them out to increase the intensity of that moment, but that's not all vaginal balls are good for. The simple act of holding them in is a sensual form of pleasure, and it's a great exercise for the kegel muscles. These are great toys if you're looking to spice things up without having to go over to the "Dark Side" (though they certainly have their place there, too!)
How many vibraters do you currently own? One? Two? More? Or, none? If you don't yet own a vibrater then it is absolutely essential that you add one to your collection of sex toys; or use it to start your collection. If you already own a few vibes then consider adding another one. Remember that not all vibes are created equally! Some might give your g-spot a workout while others take your clitoris on a wild ride like no other.
Vibrating Anal Plugs
What can make an anal plug better for sexual adventurers? One thing comes immediately to mind: make it vibrate! Vibrating anal plugs are an incredible way to turn things up a notch. The intensity of a vibrating butt plug can be simply mind blowing! Sizes can range from small beginner sizes to somewhat larger sizes for the more experienced. The controls on these toys vary by model, and range from remote controls to the twist-knob style popular with many vibes. What you get is ultimately up to you; some people prefer remote control, while others don't like the idea of dealing with wires. Either way, these toys will thrill you!
Vibrating Butt Plugs
Vibrating butt plugs are a great way to up the ante in butt play. They don't require the time and energy to train up to larger sizes, and they can curl the toes just as well! They come in a variety of materials, from jelly and latex to stainless steel. You can get them in different shapes and sizes, and wireless and remote models. What you choose ultimately depends on your taste, and the different combinations are bound to provide the exact one you're looking for. The twist dial vibrating plugs are great if you want to get them humming and not have to worry about wires. The remote control varieties are perfect if you want constant control of the vibration and like to change the intensity periodically.
Vibrating Cock Rings
What's better than a cock ring? A vibrating cock ring. Imagine not only having a longer lasting erection and better ejaculation control, but having the whole shaft of your penis vibrate as you pleasure your partner with it. See your partner writhe and moan as you send shockwaves of pleasure through their body. It's truly an outstanding achievement in sex toy ideas. Many vibrating cock rings also come with raised ticklers and pleasure bumps to add to the pleasure of the whole experience. There are a ton of different materials that they're made from, so make sure that you use the right lube for your cock ring material. Also, it might be a good idea to "trim the hedges" to prevent painful tangles.
Vibrating Condoms
Vibrate both of you to new orgasm heights with condoms that offer a whole lot more than protection. Vibrating condoms increase pleasure felt by both partners, ensuring an experience that will be worth repeating. A soft and stretchable silicone ring that offers up to an hour of vibrating pleasure fits over your latex condom and quickly stimulates both of you to climax. Surprise your partner and slip it on, you'll both be delighted by the results!
Vibrating Dildos
Vibrating dildos, or simply "vibrators", are an essential part of any girl's survival kit. Many guys, as well, get a lot of pleasure out of them. Dildos have long since broken out of the mold of the standard slim-barrel design to include anatomically correct shapes, as well as designs that can qualify as works of art. Vibrating dildos tend to be more lightweight than most other pieces, since the heavier designs have more trouble transferring the vibration from the motor to the rest of the piece. That doesn't insinuate that all vibrating dildos are small, there are actually some quite large ones, they're just made of lighter materials. Browse our selection and you're sure to find the perfect one"
Vibrating Penis Rings
Penis rings are great for sex play, and they're even better if they vibrate. Imagine not only keeping an erection for much longer and having a little more support for ejaculation control, but also feeling your penis hum with a little extra pleasure. Vibrating penis rings can provide this extra level of pleasure for one or both partners. Some cock rings come with only one vibrator, which directs the pleasure primarily to the receptive partner, but there are also others that have two vibes attached to accommodate both partners. These vibes add up to good times for all, especially in models with raised feelers and bumps. Make sure when you put them on to use a little lube, and make sure your "lawn" is manicured to avoid painful tangles.
Vibrator Panties
Neglected no more, a gspot vibrator will get the job done for you. Ladies, slip into a pair of vibrator panties and let your pleasure zones get all of the attention that they deserve. While not the best idea for attending a boardroom meeting, your discreet gspot vibe will make doing errands around town a lot more fun! You'll make the barista wonder why you've got a confidently satisfied smirk on your face; after all, the frozen coffees aren't that good!
Vibrator Warehouse
A vibrating dildo can get you to the heights of orgasm that regular intercourse might not have been able to help you reach. A realistic dildo is a great way to satisfy your need for thorough stimulation, whether you are looking for clitoral, vaginal, or anal stimulation. Take a look at our online vibrator warehouse stock to see which of our many vibrators for sale tickles your fancy. Your fancy won't be the only thing that it tickles once you get it into your hot little hands.
Vibrators For Men
A vibrating condom is a fun way to practice safe sex with a delightful buzzing twist. Buzz yourself to a fantastic orgasm with a cock ring that slides over your condom; plenty of fun while still being safe! There are many other types of vibrators for men, including prostate massagers that can massage your guy into an orgasm unlike any other he's ever experienced. For a fun choice in a vibrator for men consider one that offers a hands-free option for flying solo!
Vibrators For Women
The vibrator sure has come a long way from its beginning. There are so many varieties out there, from the tiny butterfly to the Sybian riding machine and all points in between. They come in all shapes, both phallic and non-phallic, and can be made of a wide variety of different materials. Wood, metal, plastic, silicone and many other materials have come into play with vibes. The forms that they come in can range from the sleek and simple style of bullets and classic vibes to beautiful artistic pieces. With the wide variety of vibrators available for women, there's bound to be something that will especially tickle your fancy, so make sure you have a good look around before you buy.
Sometimes, the classic style of vibrators is just what the doctor ordered. Their straightforward design and ease of use with the variable speed dial make them perpetual favorites. They also tend to be less expensive than their more phallic or bizarre and over-sized cousins. The sleek design and convenient size allow for a more relaxed lift-off into the auras of pleasure that the more intense designs don't offer. These are truly a staple part of your toy chest. Browse through our collection of classic vibes to find the one that's just the right fit for you.
Waterproof Vibrators
What would make a nice, warm bath even more perfect? What would really top off a good shower or a long soak in a hot tub? Getting a good vibe on, naturally! The problem is that most vibrators don't handle being in water very well. Luckily, there is a good variety of waterproof vibrators out there. These durable vibes are sealed to prevent water from seeping into them and destroying the motor and battery terminals. Your choice of materials will generally be pretty limited to jelly and other easily sealed materials. Make your next aquatic adventure a completely luxurious, sexy experience with our waterproof toys.
Weird Sex Toys
Dial up the excitement with fun sex toys that can take you from the missionary to the heavenly. Crazy sex toys can get you climbing the walls with unexpected pleasure, so don't be afraid to try something new. You just don't know how intense the results will be until you try a few weird sex toys out for yourself. Don't be shy; let your inner sexual beast out to play! You just don't know how down and dirty you can get until you go for it!
Women Sex Toys
Available in a delicious assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors, sex toys for her are an ideal way to add pleasure and fun to an otherwise lackluster evening. Women sex toys are perfect for use with a trusted partner or on your own for a bit of self-love. Remember, if you can't love yourself then how can you expect someone else to! So turn down the lights, turn on the soft music, and enjoy a naughty night!
Womens Toys
Treat yourself to a selection of womens toys to complete your box of pleasure toys. A box stuffed full of sex toys can help every woman to get in touch with her sexuality and also help her to guide partners in the right pleasure direction. For a woman, sex toys are often an integral part of passionate love-making as many women are unable to climax without some sort of clitoral stimulation. For every women, toys can be fun to shop for and of course experiment with! So pick out a fun new vibrator and get in touch with yourself!
Womens Vibrators
Gone are the days of women not getting what they want out of a sexual experience! An array of exciting toys for women ensures that every woman reaches her orgasmic peak at least once during foreplay and as many times as she likes when she's solo playing. Womens vibrators are available in many different shapes, sizes, and speeds. The best sex toys for women are toys that will meet her needs for multiple orgasms; from realistic vibrating dildos to subtle bullet vibes that ensure her climax!